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Budget Amendments
2012 Special Session I

Amendments to House Bill 1301
Committee Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
01hFront Page Adjustments$0$0
11hVirginia Indian Commemorative Commission$25,000$25,000
61hDLS Support for Commissions$0$0
81hSeparate Chesapeake Bay Commission from DLS$-232,268$-232,268
111hSeparate Joint Commission on Health Care From DLS$-683,817$-684,795
171hSeparate Commission on Youth From DLS$-316,797$-316,802
181hSeparate Crime Commission From DLS$-643,740$-644,271
281hCommission on Human Trafficking$-9,360$-9,360
291hFunding for Bicentennial of the War of 1812 Commission$14,700$14,700
30.11hChesapeake Bay Commission$232,268$232,268
30.22hJoint Commission on Health Care$683,817$684,795
30.33hVirginia Commission on Youth$316,797$316,802
30.44hVirginia State Crime Commission$643,740$644,271
351hHB 745 - Judicial Caseload Study$240,000$0
352hAdditional Foreign Language Interpreters$798,570$798,570
401hDeposit of Commonwealth Funds$0$0
421hCourt Ordered Repair or Replacement of Court Facilities$0$0
422hCriminal Fund Savings - Interpreter Services$-900,000$-1,069,228
501hEliminate References to SURE Program$0$0
531hFill Selected Judicial Vacancies$0$0
591hLegal Services for Soil and Water Conservation Districts$0$0
611hAdjust Cap for OAG's Revolving Trust Fund$0$0
681hRemove Unneeded Jail Operating Funding$-879,896$-886,142
682hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Sheriffs$-1,426,476$-1,426,476
683hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Sheriffs$-639,878$-703,866
691hEliminate Higher Per Diem Payment for SURE$0$0
701hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Finance Directors$-18,426$-18,426
711hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Commissioners of the Revenue$-59,190$-59,190
712hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commissioners of the Revenue$-71,083$-78,191
721hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Commonwealth Attorney$-220,313$-220,313
722hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commonwealth Attorney$-150,612$-165,673
731hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Clerks$-104,865$-104,865
741hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Treasurers$-56,107$-56,107
742hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Treasurers$-112,346$-123,581
751hAdjust Lang. - Comp Board Reimbursement for Retirement Contribution$0$0
841hMedication Therapy Management Pilot Program$0$0
842hEmployee Health Insurance Fund Language$0$0
843hHealth Insurance Premiums Report$0$0
871hFunding Pursuant to HB 57$20,000$0
911hCoyote Control Matching Funds$40,000$40,000
921hWine Marketing and Advertising$0$0
922hSpecialty Crops Funding$25,000$25,000
971hWeights and Measures Fee$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
981hEliminate Food Inspection Fee Increase$0$0
1021hDOF Accounts Receivable System$120,000$0
1022hFunding for Equipment MELP$0$250,000
1023hReforestation of Timberland Program$0$0
1051hCRCF Fund Balances$0$0
1052hCRCF Funding$-7,500,000$-7,500,000
1053hReduce MPOF Increase$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
1054hMove BRAC Funding to FACT Fund$-7,500,000$0
1071hVirginia-Israel Advisory Board$0$0
1072hVSBFA Fees for PPTA Projects$0$0
1091hDerelict Structures$-3,000,000$-2,000,000
1092hHeartwood Artisan Center$-250,000$0
1101hUse of EZ Program Balances$0$0
1161hCorrect Embedded Number in Language to Properly Reflect Budget Action$0$0
1201hClarify DMME Surcharge Authority$0$0
1231hShenandoah Valley Center for Manufacturing$0$0
1232hBrownfields Funding$-628,634$-628,634
1233hVEDP International Marketing$-500,000$0
1234hRegional Cooperation$-500,000$0
1241hVEC Interest Payment$2,600,000$0
1291hReduce Increases in Tourism Marketing$-800,000$-800,000
1292hUse of Tourism Advertising Funding$0$0
1293hSports Hall of Fame$-500,000$0
130.101hTransfer Radio Reading Services$120,163$120,163
1331hInformation Technology Certification Exams$1,500,000$1,500,000
1341hSchool Efficiency Reviews$0$0
1371hSTEAM Feasibility Study$200,000$0
1381hPurchase EpiPen for Schools$200,000$0
1382hExpand Youth Development Academies$475,279$475,279
1383hCommunities in Schools$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
1384hPilot to Recruit College Students$-300,000$-400,000
1385hJobs for Virginia Graduate$-250,000$-250,000
1391hUpdate K-3 Primary Class Size Reduction$22,387,794$22,446,164
1392hExpand Early Intervention Reading Initiative$2,058,887$4,126,695
1393hPSAT Testing Fees$-913,016$-913,016
1394hLanguage on Consolidations$0$0
1395hNon-personal Inflation Factors$52,966,479$53,152,277
1396hVRS Rate$-9,999,070$-10,382,604
1397hFull-Time Virtual Schools$0$0
13928hCOCA for Support Positions$11,979,093$12,316,176
13931hAdditional Sales Tax - Amazon$0$1,768,172
1441hVAST Program$100,000$100,000
1461hRestore VWIL$-43,424$33,551
1462hSCHEV TJ 21 Support$150,000$150,000
1463hDefer VIVA$-1,400,000$-1,400,000
1491hCNU HAC Package$59,057$325,569
1501hCNU Adjust Financial Aid$-121,469$-121,469
1531hCWM HAC Package$-240,292$257,185
1541hCWM Adjust Financial Aid$-52,560$-52,560
1571hRBC HAC Package$-21,587$22,682
1581hRBC Adjust Financial Aid$-36,390$-36,390
1641hAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institution$0$0
1642hGMU HAC Package$-540,294$804,938
1651hGMU Adjust Financial Aid$-600,730$-600,730
1681hAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institution$0$0
1682hJMU HAC Package$1,085,733$1,896,798
1691hJMU Adjust Financial Aid$-211,445$-211,445
1721hLongwood NGF Adjustment$645,596$645,596
1722hLongwood HAC Package$-56,985$187,076
1731hLongwood Adjust Financial Aid$-130,340$-130,340
1741hCorrect Language for Student Financial Aid$0$0
1761hNSU HAC Package$633,098$889,616
1771hNSU Adjust Financial Aid$-516,310$-516,310
1801hODU HAC Package$-201,928$539,575
1802hODU Bioelectric Center$750,000$750,000
1811hODU Adjust Financial Aid$-598,414$-598,414
1821hODU Adjust Research$-768,000$-768,000
1841hRadford HAC Package$256,317$703,946
1851hRadford Adjust Financial Aid$-172,560$-172,560
1881hUMW HAC Package$-10,518$245,627
1891hUMW Adjust Financial Aid$-81,340$-81,340
1921hUMW Dahlgren$750,000$750,000
1951hAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institutions$0$0
1952hUVA HAC Package$107,870$1,633,488
1955hUVA Noninvasive Surgery$750,000$750,000
1961hUVA Adjust Financial Aid$-118,856$-118,856
1971hUVA Adjust Research$-1,500,000$-1,500,000
1972hUVA Cancer Research$1,500,000$1,500,000
1991hUVA-H Community Health$0$0
2021hUVA-Wise HAC Package$-44,679$49,407
2031hUVA-Wise Adjust Financial Aid$-331,910$-331,910
2061hVCU HAC Package$-1,082,168$1,096,838
2071hVCU Adjust Financial Aid$-731,235$-731,235
2081hVCU Cancer Research$1,500,000$1,500,000
2121hCorrects Funding Transferred to Workforce Development Programs$37,129,340$37,129,340
2122hVCCS HAC Package$-312,053$2,502,897
2131hVCCS Adjust Financial Aid$-2,582,686$-2,582,686
2151hVCCS Adjust New Initiative$-2,000,000$-2,000,000
2181hVMI HAC Package$-46,211$56,899
2191hVMI Adjust Financial Aid$-18,683$-18,683
2231hAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
2232hVT HAC Package$-818,155$854,264
2233hVT Brain Disorder$750,000$750,000
2241hVT Adjust Financial Aid$-339,277$-339,277
2251hVT Adjust Research$-1,500,000$-1,500,000
2261hVT Unique Military$300,000$300,000
2281hCooperative Extension$500,000$500,000
2291hVSU Adjust FTE$0$0
2292hVSU HAC Package$196,434$396,834
2301hVSU Adjust Financial Aid$-219,434$-219,434
2341hFCM Part-time Staff$100,000$100,000
2342hFCM VITA adjustment$75,000$75,000
2431hVCOA Memberships$-36,000$-36,000
2451hEVMS Indigent Care$-184,743$-184,743
2452hEVMS Fund Split Technical Correction$0$0
2521hJeff Labs New Funding$-500,000$-500,000
2531hHERI Adjust Research$-9,110,639$-9,110,639
2541hCorrect debt service amounts for the purchase of equipment$0$0
2591hTransfer Commonwealth Health Research Fund to DOA - Transfer Payments$-1,227,144$-1,227,144
2601hConnect and clarify funding references$0$0
2681hLOD - Non-participating Localities Provide Benefits Directly$0$0
2682hLOD - Non-participating Localities do not Contribute to Administrative Cost$0$0
269.101hCommonwealth Health Research Fund - Move to DOA Transfer payments$1,227,144$1,227,144
2711hEliminate Funding for School Efficiency Review Program$-147,206$-147,206
2731hCorrect embedded item reference$0$0
2741hEliminate positions in mapping unit$0$0
2771hUse Debit Cards to Disburse Student Loan Refunds$0$0
2801hTreasury Board Regional Jail$0$0
2802hTreasury Board Savings$-1,220,000$-12,203,339
2803hOut-of-State Capital Fee Update$0$0
2831hAdjust CSA Caseload Growth$-7,261,772$-10,452,447
2841hRestore Funds for Home and Community-based Aging Services$131,853$131,853
2842hProvide Funding for Area Agencies on Aging$500,000$500,000
2843hAllow department to operate Long-Term Care Ombudsman program$0$0
2844hImplementation of Dementia State Plan$0$0
2901hAllocate Portion of $4.25 for Life Funds for EMS Technician Testing$0$0
2921hRestore Language Transferring Portion of Vital Statistics Fee$0$0
2931hLyme Disease Surveillance$-50,000$-50,000
2961hReduce Fees for Restaurant Annual Permit Renewal Fees$0$0
2962hRestore Funding and Develop Plan for Local Dental Services$1,664,306$0
2971hRestore Funding for Virginia Health Care Foundation$0$2,040,286
2972hRestore Funding for Free Clinics$0$1,598,200
2973hRestore Funding for Community Health Centers$0$1,204,375
2974hRestore Funding for CHIP of Virginia$0$727,628
2975hRestore Funds to Health Safety Net Providers$0$510,800
2976hRestore Funding for VHI Patient Level Database$0$118,711
2977hFunding for Proton Beam Therapy$1,500,000$0
2981hReduce Fees for Community Waterworks Connections$0$0
3071hCapture savings from federal bonus payment for Medicaid Ennrollment of Children$0$0
3072hAdjust Medicaid Forecast for New Enrollees$0$-88,688,472
3073hHB 183 Extend Medicaid/FAMIS to Pregnant Legal Immigrants & Children$973,545$1,693,039
3074hMedicaid Funding for the State Teaching Hospitals$29,765,641$34,303,592
3075hCorrect Estimates for Hospital Inflation Savings$-7,322,668$-1,953,856
3076hIncrease Medicaid Hospital Inpatient Payments$28,670,963$39,838,792
3077hIncrease Medicaid Payments for Nursing Facilities$23,058,430$35,041,246
3078hIncrease Medicaid Rates for Congregate Care Waiver Services$4,057,442$4,287,880
3079hAdd 200 Intellectual Disability Waivers$5,103,450$13,609,200
30710hAdd 50 Developmentally Disabled Waiver Slots$743,900$1,487,800
30711hExempt Certain Behavioral Health Drugs from Medicaid PDL$4,200,000$0
30712hAllow Adults with ID on EDCD Waiver to Receive Facility Respite Care$0$0
30713hAdd Provider Organizations to Medicaid Work Group on Intensive In-home Service Rates Based on Quality Indicators$0$0
30714hCare Coordination for Behavioral Health Services$0$0
30715hRevise Home and Community Based Services Audit Methodology$0$0
30716hEnhance Qualifications for Consumer Directed Service Facilitators$0$0
30717hCare Coordination of High Need Medicaid Recipients$0$0
30718hMedicaid Provider Appeals Procedure$0$0
30719hMedicaid Fraud Control Efforts$0$0