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Budget Amendments
2012 Special Session I

Amendments to House Bill 1301
Conference Report

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
01cFront Page Adjustments$0$0
11cVirginia Indian Commemorative Commission$25,000$25,000
12cLegislative Assistants Technical Adjustments$20,000$20,000
13cHB 777 Study of Tax Preferences$15,400$15,400
61cDLS Support for Commissions$0$0
71cCapitol Square Preservation Council$-117,086$-117,616
81cSeparate Chesapeake Bay Commission from DLS$-232,268$-232,268
111cSeparate Joint Commission on Health Care From DLS$-683,817$-684,795
171cSeparate Commission on Youth From DLS$-316,797$-316,802
181cSeparate Crime Commission From DLS$-643,740$-644,271
281cCommission on Human Trafficking$-9,360$-9,360
291cFunding for Bicentennial of the War of 1812 Commission$14,700$14,700
30.11cChesapeake Bay Commission$232,268$232,268
30.22cJoint Commission on Health Care$683,817$684,795
30.33cVirginia Commission on Youth$316,797$316,802
30.44cVirginia State Crime Commission$643,740$644,271
321cRestore Council of State Governments$146,035$146,035
351cHB 745 - Judicial Caseload Study$240,000$0
352cAdditional Foreign Language Interpreters$798,570$798,570
353cTransfer Funding for Judgeships to Judicial Clearing Account$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
401cAdminstrative Savings Within OES$-435,000$-435,000
402cDeposit of Funds From Fines and Fees$0$0
421cCourt Ordered Repair or Replacement of Court Facilities$0$0
422cCriminal Fund Savings - Interpreter Services$-1,069,228$-1,069,228
431cGeneral District Court Clerk Positions$1,862,523$716,355
501cPermit Extension of Local Immediate Sanction Law$0$0
511cState Bar Legal Aid$1,000,000$1,000,000
531cEliminate Judicial Dept. Across the Board Reductions$3,022,600$3,022,600
532cFill Selected Judicial Vacancies$0$0
591cCharges by the Attorney General For Legal Services$0$0
601cMedicaid Fraud Control$0$0
611cAttorney General Consumer Fund$350,000$350,000
681cRemove Unneeded Jail Operating Funding$-879,896$-886,142
682cUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Sheriffs$-639,878$-703,866
683cComp Bd: Sheriffs' Certification$0$0
711cUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commissioners of the Revenue$-71,083$-78,191
721cUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commonwealth Attorney$-150,612$-165,673
741cUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Treasurers$-112,346$-123,581
791cDGS: FICAS System$175,000$175,000
841cMedication Therapy Management Pilot Program$0$0
842cEmployee Health Insurance Fund Language$0$0
843cHealth Insurance Premiums Report$0$0
871cFunding Pursuant to HB 57$20,000$0
911cCoyote Control Matching Funds$40,000$40,000
921cBeekeeper Grant Fund$125,000$125,000
922cSpecialty Crops Funding$25,000$25,000
971cWeights and Measures Fee$-750,000$-1,000,000
981cEliminate Food Inspection Fee Increase$-98,420$-98,420
1021cReforestation of Timberlands$250,000$250,000
1022cFunding for Equipment MELP$0$250,000
1051cCRCF Fund Balances$0$0
1052cReduce MPOF Increase$-1,500,000$-1,500,000
1053cMove BRAC Funding to FACT Fund$-7,500,000$0
1054cCRCF and Life Sciences Funding$-7,000,000$-10,000,000
1055cAdvanced Manufacturing Intiative from FACT Fund$-2,000,000$-2,000,000
1071cVSBFA for PPTA$0$0
1072cVirginia-Israel Advisory Board$-127,465$-127,465
1073cSmall Business Investment Grant Fund$1,500,000$1,500,000
1081cHousing Trust Fund$0$7,000,000
1091cDerelict Structures$-2,000,000$-1,000,000
1092cHeartwood Artisan Center$-250,000$0
1101cUse of EZ Program Balances$0$0
1161cCorrect Embedded Number in Language to Properly Reflect Budget Action$0$0
1201cClarify DMME Surcharge Authority$0$0
1231cShenandoah Valley Center for Manufacturing$0$0
1232cBrownfields Funding$-628,634$-628,634
1233cVEDP International Marketing$-500,000$0
1234cRegional Cooperation$-500,000$0
1235cTransfer VA Israel to VEDP$127,465$127,465
1241cFederal Interest Payment$2,550,000$0
1291cSports Hall of Fame$-500,000$0
1292cRegional Tourism Grants$-800,000$-800,000
1293cTourism Cooperative Marketing Programs$0$0
1301cCollege Partnership Lab Schools Planning Grants$-600,000$-600,000
1302cCommission on Civics Education$0$0
1311cInformation Technology Certification Exams$1,500,000$1,500,000
1341cSchool Efficiency Reviews$0$0
1351cDigital Content Educational Technology Funds$500,000$500,000
1381cSTEAM Feasibility Study$200,000$0
1382cExpand Youth Development Academies$0$475,279
1383cCommunities in Schools$-650,000$-650,000
1384cPilot to Recruit College Freshmen Students$-300,000$-400,000
1385cJobs for Virginia Graduate$-250,000$-250,000
1386cProject Discovery Grant$350,000$350,000
1387cCollege Readiness Center Pilot$175,000$0
1388cCareer & Technology Education Resource Center$50,000$50,000
1389cVA STAR IT Repair Certification$425,000$0
13810cGrants for Charter School Applicants$0$-100,000
1391cAdditional Sales Tax - Amazon$0$2,391,207
1392cUpdate K-3 Primary Class Size Reduction$23,523,260$23,572,262
1393cExpand Early Intervention Reading Initiative$2,065,723$4,119,833
1394cPSAT Testing Fees$-913,016$-913,016
1395cLanguage on Consolidations$0$0
1396cMove Performance Pay Pilot to FY 2013$1,050,000$0
1397cContinue School Opening Waivers$0$0
1398cLiterary Fund Revenue$0$0
1399cVirtual Virginia Online Courses$1,000,000$1,000,000
13910cAdditional Assistance with Retirement, Inflation, and Preschool Costs$55,000,000$55,000,000
13911cCOCA for Support Positions$27,845,718$12,149,125
13912cUpdate Regional Vocational Educ Centers$3,617,999$3,186,742
13913cGovernor's School-Hampton Roads$100,000$0
13914cSurvey of Online Learning$0$0
13915cGovernor's Schools Cap$0$73,402
13916cGovernor's Schools$100,000$100,000
13917cGED Test Costs$0$-75,539
13918cLanguage for the Appropriation Detail$0$0
13919cClarification of Sales Tax Distribution$0$0
13920cPurchase EpiPen for Schools$200,000$0
1411cSchool for the Deaf and Blind$300,000$0
1441cSCHEV - VAST Program$100,000$100,000
1442cSCHEV - Fund Two-Year Transfer Grant Legislation$600,000$600,000
1461cSCHEV - Partially Defer VIVA$-1,400,000$-1,400,000
1462cSCHEV - VWIL$76,975$153,950
1463cSCHEV - Provide Funding Related to Additional Responsibilities$200,000$200,000
1491cCNU Conference Package$-139,664$-139,664
1492cCNU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$494,859
1501cCNU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$3,704
1502cCNU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$38,001$38,001
1531cCWM - Conference Package$-308,092$-308,092
1532cCWM - Faculty Salary Increase$0$1,566,922
1541cCWM - Graduate Financial Aid$0$63,688
1542cCWM - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$16,443$16,443
1571cRBC Conference Package$-29,180$-29,180
1572cRBC - Faculty Salary Increase$0$69,961
1581cRBC - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$11,385$11,385
1611cVIMS - Fund Sea Level Rise Study$50,000$0
1612cVIMS - Faculty Salary Increase$0$209,384
1621cVIMS - Graduate Financial Aid$0$3,013
1641cAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institution$0$0
1642cGMU Conference Package$-821,643$-821,643
1643cGMU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$3,261,135
1651cGMU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$265,472
1652cGMU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$187,939$187,939
1681cAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institution$0$0
1682cJMU Conference Package$154,995$154,995
1683cJMU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$1,977,737
1691cJMU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$151,648
1692cJMU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$66,151$66,151
1721cLongwood NGF Adjustment$645,596$645,596
1722cLongwood Conference Package$-154,631$-154,631
1723cLU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$424,579
1731cLU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$699
1732cLU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$40,777$40,777
1741cCorrect Language for Student Financial Aid$0$0
1761cNSU Conference Package$311,275$311,275
1762cNSU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$428,600
1763cNSU Technical Adjustment$220,000$220,000
1771cNSU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$65,345
1772cNSU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$92,701$92,701
1773cNSU Technical Adjustment Fin Aid$-220,000$-220,000
1801cODU Conference Package$-600,733$-600,733
1802cODU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$1,777,866
1811cODU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$216,206
1812cODU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$187,215$187,215
1821cODU Adjust Research$-18,000$-18,000
1841cRadford Conference Package$-96,523$-96,523
1842cRU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$914,808
1851cRU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$100,212
1852cRU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$53,986$53,986
1881cUMW Conference Package$-133,625$-133,625
1882cUMW - Faculty Salary Increase$0$491,610
1891cUMW - Graduate Financial Aid$0$6,199
1892cUMW - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$25,447$25,447
1921cUMW Dahlgren$750,000$750,000
1951cAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institutions$0$0
1952cUVA Conference Package$-282,225$-282,225
1953cUVA - Faculty Salary Increase$0$4,580,368
1961cUVA - Graduate Financial Aid$0$333,033
1962cUVA - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$37,184$37,184
1971cUVA Adjust Research$-750,000$-750,000
1972cUVA Cancer Research$1,500,000$1,500,000
1991cUVA-H Community Health$0$0
2021cUVA-Wise Conference Package$-23,397$-23,397
2022cUVA-Wise - Faculty Salary Increase$0$182,716
2023cUVA-Wise Technical Adjustment$275,000$275,000
2031cUVA-Wise - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$17,804$17,804
2032cUVA-Wise Technical Adjustment Fin Aid$-275,000$-275,000
2061cVCU Conference Package$-1,065,668$-1,065,668
2062cVCU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$4,056,434
2063cVCU Pharm Lab$0$500,000
2071cVCU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$264,043
2072cVCU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$228,768$228,768
2081cVCU Cancer Research$1,500,000$1,500,000
2121cCorrects Funding Transferred to Workforce Development Programs$37,129,340$37,129,340
2122cVCCS Conference Package$-1,215,013$-1,215,013
2123cVCCS - Faculty Salary Increase$0$7,022,891
2131cVCCS - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$807,995$807,995
2151cVCCS Adjust New Initiative$-1,500,000$-1,500,000
2181cVMI Conference Package$-60,545$-60,545
2182cVMI - Faculty Salary Increase$0$256,511
2183cVMI - UMA Language Amendment$0$0
2191cVMI - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$5,845$5,845
2211cVMI UMA$155,000$155,000
2231cAdd 4VA Language Under Participating Higher Education Institution$0$0
2232cVT Conference Package$-1,221,150$-1,221,150
2233cVT - Faculty Salary Increase$0$4,730,689
2241cVT - Graduate Financial Aid$0$268,136
2242cVT - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$106,143$106,143
2251cVT Adjust Research$-750,000$-750,000
2261cVT Unique Military$150,000$150,000