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Budget Amendments
2011 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 800
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
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2741sRestore CSA Funding for Non-mandated Services$0$5,000,000
2742sRestore CSA Funding for Non-mandated Services$0$5,000,000
2743sRestore CSA Local Match Rate for Therapeutic Foster Care Svs.$0$7,500,000
2744sRestore CSA Match Rate for Residential Services$0$7,500,000
2745sRestore CSA Local Match Rate for Therapeutic Foster Care Svs.$0$7,500,000
2746sRestore GF for Therapeutic Foster Care Match Rate and Authorize Regional Contracts$0$7,500,000
2747sRestore GF for Non-Mandated Services in Martinsville & Henry Counties$0$90,508
2751sBay Aging Adult Day Care Funding$0$16,030
2752sNorfolk Senior Center$390,000$400,000
2753sNorfolk Senior Center$455,000$455,000
2754sRestore Funding for Oxbow Center$62,748$107,569
2755sRestore GF for Care Coordination Services$168,625$168,625
2756sCare Coordinator Services for the Eldelry$0$0
2757sCare Coordination for the Elderly - Prince William County$0$11,000
2758sPublic Guardianship Program - Henry County$0$90,000
2811sRestore $4 for Life Funds$1,045,375$1,045,375
2821sAdditional Funding to OCME to Transport Decedents$450,000$450,000
2831sStatewide Database for Vital Records (Senate Bill 853)$0$500,000
2841sFunding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program$0$6,400,000
2851sEliminate Proposed Licensure Fee Increases$0$76,125
2861sApply for Federal Pre-Pregnancy Family Planning Services$0$1,284,773
2862sFully Fund Family Planning Services$0$475,000
2871sReduce Fees for Annual Permit Renewal Fees$0$4,042,845
2872sRestore GF for Fluoride Treatment Services$0$185,635
2873sRestaurant Fees Sliding Scale Required$0$0
2874sCompanion to SB 1043$0$53,618
2881sRestore Funds for CHIP of Virginia$0$843,612
2882sRestore GF for CHIP of Virginia$0$800,000
2883sContinue Funding for Patient Advocate Foundation$0$95,625
2884sProject Access of Northern Virginia$0$100,000
2885sCommunity-based Sickle Cell Services$0$0
2886sNOVA Scripts Central$0$0
2887sFood and Friends$0$650,000
2901sReview of Opportunities to Reduce Nutrient Pollution$0$0
2961sExtend FAMIS Moms to Legal Immigrants$0$313,356
2962sIncrease FAMIS Income Eligibility$0$11,463,195
2963sImmigrant Coverage for Children$0$420,000
2964sRestore FAMIS Funding for Podiatry Services$0$0
2971gEliminate Rate Reduction-Therapeutic Mental Health Services$0$714,812
2971sExtend Medicaid Coverage to Legal Immigrant Pregnant Women$0$1,565,684
2972gUpdate Behavioral Health Medicaid Appropriation$-1,031,896$0
2972sRestore Medicaid Funding for Podiatry Services$0$975,000
2973gCorrect Funding-Freestanding Children's Hospitals$0$0
2973sRestore Funding for Adult Day Health Services$0$5,314,754
2974gImplement Prospective Payment System-Outpatient Hospital Services$0$0
2974sRestore Funding for Adult Day Health Services$0$5,314,754
2975gImplement Mandated Provisions-Federal Health Care Reform Law$0$0
2975sDelay Expansion of Medallion II By Six Months$0$0
2976sRestore Funding for Environmental Modifications & Assistive Technology$0$1,250,612
2977sPhase-in Funding for 900 New Intellectual Disability Waivers$0$31,884,854
2978sRestore GF for Waiver Rates and Respite Hours$0$78,400,462
2979sRestore GF for Home & Community-Based Waiver Rates$0$35,922,570
29710sRestore Rate for Intensive In-home Services$0$21,037,684
29711sIndependent Assessment of Children's MH Services$0$0
29712sEliminate Proposed Care Coordination for MR/ID Waiver$0$0
29713sRestore general fund for Medicaid Provider Reimbursement Rates$0$145,000,000
29714sRestore GF for Lake Taylor Rehabilitation Hospital$0$1,044,208
29715sRestore GF for NICU Payments to INOVA Fairfax Hospital$0$500,000
29716sRestore GF for Payments to High-Volume NICUs$0$200,000
29717sProvide GF for 270 Additional DD Waiver Slots$0$8,155,620
29718sRestore GF for Nursing Homes$0$27,600,000
29719sRestore GF for Waiver Rates and Respite Hours$0$78,400,462
29720sRestore GF for Residential Psychiatric Services$0$3,971,600
29721sImplementation of Dental Services Reduction$0$0
29722sModify Language for Children's Mental Health Assessments$0$0
29723sRestore GF for Therapeutic Day Treatment Services$0$4,507,210
29724sRestore GF for Respite Care Services$0$42,477,892
29725sRestore GF for Therapeutic Day Treatment Services$0$4,507,210
29726sChronic Kidney Disease Health Home Program$0$0
29727sReplace Language Regarding Assessment of Children's MH Services$0$0
29728sReplace Proposed Language Regarding Care Coordination for Community-based MH Services$0$0
29729sRestore Funding for Adult Day Health Services$0$5,314,754
29730sHome and Community Based Services Audits$0$0
29731sIncrease PACE Capitation Rates to NOVA Level$0$0
29732sFunding for the University of Virginia Medical Center$24,343,035$25,386,456
29733sEliminate Mental Health Carve Out for Generics$0$-4,000,000
2981sUninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund$0$100,000
3041sSubstance Abuse Training for Pharmacy Students$0$160,000
3051sCommonwealth Autism Service, Inc.$0$75,000
3052sCrisis Stabilization Services in NOVA$0$1,000,000
3053sIncrease Substance Abuse Prevention Funding$0$2,400,000
3201sRestore Funding for Brain Injury Services$194,931$194,931
3202sRestore Funding and Expand Brain Injury Services$546,854$546,854
3203sRestore Funds for Long Term Employment Support Services$128,000$192,000
3204sRestore Funds for Extended Employment Services$71,000$106,000
3205sRestore Reducation to Long Term Employment Support Svs.$350,020$1,981,101
3206sRestore Funding for Centers for Independent Living$0$466,866
3207sFunding for Vocational Rehabilitation Services$0$1,500,000
3208sIncrease Funding for Personal Attendant Services$0$475,000
3271sTANF for GF in Centers for Employment and Training$637,500$637,500
3272sTANF Cost of Living Increase$0$0
3281sRestore Funding for Local Social Services Departments$6,781,806$7,302,376
3282sRestore Funding for Local Social Services Departments$6,781,806$7,302,376
3301sRestore GF for Companion and Other Purchased Services$0$2,000,000
3331sParent Leadership Training Institute$0$10,000
3332sRestore Funds for Healthy Families Virginia$0$2,003,799
3333sRestore Funds to Virginia Early Childhood Foundation$0$225,000
3334sRestore Funding for Community Action Agencies$0$2,200,000
3335sBirmingham Green Adult Care Residence$0$100,000
3411gTransfer Funds-Radio Reading Services for the Blind$0$120,163
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