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Budget Amendments
2011 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 800
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Hide details for BarkerBarker
13sJt. Sub. to Study of Virtual School Funding$0$0
301sJLARC Study of VRS$0$0
1324sFreeze Virtual School Enrollment$0$0
2874sCompanion to SB 1043$0$53,618
2961sExtend FAMIS Moms to Legal Immigrants$0$313,356
2981sUninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund$0$100,000
3052sCrisis Stabilization Services in NOVA$0$1,000,000
Hide details for ColganColgan
1003sNothern Virginia Regional Commission$150,000$150,000
1004sRestore Southeast Rural Community Assistance Funding$600,000$600,000
1325sVirtual Virginia$0$2,000,000
1571sGMU - Fund Hylton Center for Performing Arts Activities$0$500,000
1572sGMU - NGF Authority for Enrollment Growth and Tuition$0$4,527,000
1573sGMU - NGF Authority for Enrollment Growth and Student Fees$0$1,076,000
1591sGMU - STEM Faculty Start-up Packages$0$3,000,000
2194sVT-Ext. - Provide Additional Funding for Local Extension Support$2,000,000$2,000,000
2331sRestore Arts Grants$0$1,275,896
2742sRestore CSA Funding for Non-mandated Services$0$5,000,000
2744sRestore CSA Match Rate for Residential Services$0$7,500,000
2745sRestore CSA Local Match Rate for Therapeutic Foster Care Svs.$0$7,500,000
2757sCare Coordination for the Elderly - Prince William County$0$11,000
29720sRestore GF for Residential Psychiatric Services$0$3,971,600
29723sRestore GF for Therapeutic Day Treatment Services$0$4,507,210
29724sRestore GF for Respite Care Services$0$42,477,892
3335sBirmingham Green Adult Care Residence$0$100,000
4141sVirginia War Memorial$0$255,000
C-24.501sGMU: Human and Health Services Building$0$3,157,000
C-24.502sGMU: Prince William Life Sciences Building$0$3,189,000
3-1.012sRestore Virginia State Bar Fund Balance
3-3.031sGMU - Reverse Auxiliary Enterprise Interest Transfer
Hide details for DeedsDeeds
67.203sAllocation of Deputy Sheriff Positions$0$0
67.901sAllocation of Const. Officers' Positions$0$0
891sFood Inspection Fee Exemption$0$0
2871sReduce Fees for Annual Permit Renewal Fees$0$4,042,845
3518sRivanna River Basin Commission$0$20,000
3803sSB 904 Corrections Impact$0$50,000
3862sHB 599 for Alleghany Highlands$0$0
4695sDCR Officers in VALORS$0$504,000
4-1.031sTransfer Authority - Consolidated City
Hide details for EdwardsEdwards
1001sSoutheast RCAP$0$600,000
2141sVT - Fund ICAT$0$979,597
2161sVT - Commonwealth Research Institute$0$15,136,456
2191sVT-Ext.- Support for VA Cooperative Extension$0$1,000,000
2881sRestore Funds for CHIP of Virginia$0$843,612
3271sTANF for GF in Centers for Employment and Training$637,500$637,500
3521sExplore Park Status Report$0$0
4482sRoanoke-Lynchburg Bus Bridge$0$152,000
C-42.201sRU: Renovate Carillion Roanoke Community Hospital$0$2,200,725
C-76.011sRHEC: Renovate Roanoke Higher Education Center$0$6,700,000
Hide details for Governor McDonnellGovernor McDonnell
02gAdjust Page One-General Fund Resources$0$0
67.203gRestore Funding-Rejected Public Safety Fund$0$0
67.902gMaintain Local Retirement Reimbursement Rate$0$0
841gReinstate Support-Virginia State Fair$0$32,900
1111gProvide Funding-Offshore Wind Authority$0$500,000
1201gRestore Funding-Outdoor Advertising Association$0$70,965
1234gTransfer Funding-Radio Reading Services$0$-120,163
2971gEliminate Rate Reduction-Therapeutic Mental Health Services$0$714,812
2972gUpdate Behavioral Health Medicaid Appropriation$-1,031,896$0
2973gCorrect Funding-Freestanding Children's Hospitals$0$0
2974gImplement Prospective Payment System-Outpatient Hospital Services$0$0
2975gImplement Mandated Provisions-Federal Health Care Reform Law$0$0
3411gTransfer Funds-Radio Reading Services for the Blind$0$120,163
3791gAppropriation-Cafeteria Operations$0$150,000
4081gProvide State Trooper Overtime Funding$0$2,988,795
4331gProvide Vendor Contract Discretion Outside the Public Procurement Act$0$0
4471gAmend Provisions Regarding Transportation Commission$0$0
4521gRemove Reference to Revenue Sharing Program$0$0
4621gAuthorize Use of Debt for Constructing New Warehouses$0$0
4691gMake Adjustments to Salary Increase and Retirement Rate Assumptions$0$25,754,867
4692gCapture Savings from Hiring Freeze$0$-5,266,510
C-37.101gConstruct Dining and Student Center$0$45,000,000
C-37.201gProvides Funding-Purchase Property Adjacent to Campus$0$5,000,000
C-55.051gAuthorize Transfer of Funding-Operating Budget$0$0
C-83.101gAuthorize Construction-New Warehouse$0$6,500,000
C-851gEquipment-Biotechnology/Centennial Hall Facility$0$4,675,000
C-891gAmends 9(d) Table-Include Mary Washington Project$0$0
3-1.012gAdjustments-Changed Retirement Rate Assumptions
3-1.013gFinal Sale Proceeds-Richmond Women's Detention Center
4-5.041gRestrict Use of State Funds-Stem Cell Research
Hide details for HangerHanger
525sRestore 25th District Judge$0$152,499
701sDGS Surplus Property$0$0
1326sSubstance Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention in Schools$0$4,300,000
1361sVSDB Payroll Processing$0$0
1362sVSDB VITA Exemption$0$0
1611sJMU - Fund O&M for New Facilities$0$4,044,436
2195sVT-Ext. - Revised Restructuring Plan$0$0
2197sVT-Ext. - Fund Master Beekeerpers Program$0$55,000
2251sFrontier Culture VITA Exemption$0$0
2611sReport on sales tax nexus$0$0
2746sRestore GF for Therapeutic Foster Care Match Rate and Authorize Regional Contracts$0$7,500,000
2901sReview of Opportunities to Reduce Nutrient Pollution$0$0
2977sPhase-in Funding for 900 New Intellectual Disability Waivers$0$31,884,854
29712sEliminate Proposed Care Coordination for MR/ID Waiver$0$0
3041sSubstance Abuse Training for Pharmacy Students$0$160,000
3053sIncrease Substance Abuse Prevention Funding$0$2,400,000
3205sRestore Reducation to Long Term Employment Support Svs.$350,020$1,981,101
3207sFunding for Vocational Rehabilitation Services$0$1,500,000
3514sSoil and Water Conservation Districts$0$2,807,875
3515sMill Creek South River Dam Maintenance$0$943,650
3523sFunding to Open New State Parks$0$920,000
4681sRestore GF for Tobacco Use Prevention Funding$0$2,000,000
4731sFunding for Association Dues$0$0
C-1.201sDGS: VSDB Staunton$0$4,000,000
C-31.201sJMU: Repair Newman Lake Dam$0$950,000
C-851sCCO: VCCS Preplanning$0$2,500,000
3-3.041sWestern State Hospital/City of Staunton Payment
Hide details for HerringHerring
961sCommonwealth Research Commercialization Fund$0$0
Hide details for HouckHouck
63sAutism Advisory Council$0$6,300
67.801sTreasurers' Career Development program$0$84,000
67.802sRestore Treasurers' Reduction$0$3,794,196
67.803sDeputy Treasurers Career Development Program$0$77,621
1051sEliminate Apprentice Fees$0$0
1211sSOE - Extension Program Oversight$0$0
1327sK-12 Funding$83,159,970$87,698,039
1373sSCHEV - Change in Optometry Scholarship Award$0$0
1983sVCU - Restore Reductions to VA Council on Economic Education$13,401$41,000
2192sVT-Ext. Restore Targeted Reduction for Extension Services$0$505,590
2193sVT-Ext. - Provide Additional Funding to Help Restore Reductions and Supprt Local Extension$2,000,000$2,000,000
2196sVT-Ext. - Reporting Transparency$0$0
2811sRestore $4 for Life Funds$1,045,375$1,045,375
2885sCommunity-based Sickle Cell Services$0$0
29721sImplementation of Dental Services Reduction$0$0
29722sModify Language for Children's Mental Health Assessments$0$0
29725sRestore GF for Therapeutic Day Treatment Services$0$4,507,210
29726sChronic Kidney Disease Health Home Program$0$0
3203sRestore Funds for Long Term Employment Support Services$128,000$192,000
3204sRestore Funds for Extended Employment Services$71,000$106,000
3282sRestore Funding for Local Social Services Departments$6,781,806$7,302,376
3333sRestore Funds to Virginia Early Childhood Foundation$0$225,000
3511sWQIF for Agricultural Best Managment Practices$0$0
3631sFredericksburg Cemetery$0$1,550
4083sRemove Med-flight NGF$0$-1,045,375
4411sDMV Select$0$0
4481sCSX Ethanol Storage Limits$0$0
4522sIdentification of bodies of water$0$0
473.102sLocal Aid Reversion$0$0
C-55.301sVCU: Virginia Treatment Center for Children$0$250,000
Hide details for HowellHowell
62sRedistricting Expenses$45,712$0
524sPartial Restoration of Judicial Vacancies$0$3,675,153
1221sPublic Broadcasting CSGs - Emergency Info.$0$0
1222sRestore CSGs for Public TV$0$957,871
1231sRestore Educational Television Funding$0$1,110,668
1871sUVA - Support Diabetes Education$39,863$39,863
2886sNOVA Scripts Central$0$0
2887sFood and Friends$0$650,000
29710sRestore Rate for Intensive In-home Services$0$21,037,684
29711sIndependent Assessment of Children's MH Services$0$0
29715sRestore GF for NICU Payments to INOVA Fairfax Hospital$0$500,000
29717sProvide GF for 270 Additional DD Waiver Slots$0$8,155,620
29727sReplace Language Regarding Assessment of Children's MH Services$0$0
29728sReplace Proposed Language Regarding Care Coordination for Community-based MH Services$0$0
3272sTANF Cost of Living Increase$0$0
3332sRestore Funds for Healthy Families Virginia$0$2,003,799
3841sPolice Lineups$0$300,000
3842sPursuit Driver Training$0$153,500
3844sDrive to Work$0$100,000
3861sHB 599 - Fully Fund$0$27,600,000
3-1.013sDrivers License Reinstatement Fee Revenue Transfer
4-13.001sPharmacy services under Neighborhood Assistance Act
Hide details for LockeLocke
2964sRestore FAMIS Funding for Podiatry Services$0$0
2972sRestore Medicaid Funding for Podiatry Services$0$975,000
3804sSB 772 Corrections Impact$0$75,543
Hide details for LucasLucas
1011sFully Fund Enterprise Zone Program$0$6,500,000
1892sUVA - Fund Cancer Research$0$5,000,000
2971sExtend Medicaid Coverage to Legal Immigrant Pregnant Women$0$1,565,684
3801sPayments in Lieu of Taxes$1,221,831$1,221,831
473.101sEliminate Local Aid Reversion$60,000,000$60,000,000
Hide details for MarsdenMarsden
4001sJCC Consolidation and Regionalization Study$0$0
Hide details for MarshMarsh
101sEmancipation Proclamation Commemoration$0$25,000
522sPetersburg J&DR Judge$0$152,499
1141sBrownfields Restoration and Economic Redevelopment Assistance Fund$0$2,000,000
1322sRestore FY12 LCI Hold Harmless$0$57,599,781
2976sRestore Funding for Environmental Modifications & Assistive Technology$0$1,250,612
3201sRestore Funding for Brain Injury Services$194,931$194,931
3512sCover Crops Used in Biofuel Production$0$0
C-10.901sRBC: Lease Ernst Hall$0$0
C-891sCCO: Ackell Residence Center$0$0
C-55.302sVCU: Ackell Residence Center$0$0
C-852sCCO: VCCS Preplanning$0$2,500,000
Hide details for McEachinMcEachin
521sJudicial Salaries$0$41,250,000
Hide details for McWatersMcWaters
256.11sReserved Spending Fund$0$0
Hide details for Miller, J.Miller, J.
963sMitigate Incompatible Land Use Near Air Force Base$0$600,000
1311sAfter School Ensemble Music in NN$0$50,000
1375sSCHEV - Provide Matching Funds for th VA Space Grant Consortium$0$350,000