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Budget Amendments
2011 Session

Amendments to House Bill 1500
Conference Report

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
01cFront Page Revenue Adjustments$0$0
11cLegislative Compensation$0$0
12cMove Consulting Funding$50,000$50,000
13cSenate Clerk's Unreimbursed Member Compensation$0$94,700
21cAPA Review of State Employee HIF$0$0
22cAPA Audit of Local Ordinance Collections$0$0
61cMove Consulting Funding$-50,000$-50,000
62cDLS Director's Salary$0$0
63cCapitol Guides$0$-190,000
64cAutism Advisory Council$0$6,300
101cEmancipation Proclamation Commemoration$0$0
301cJLARC Director's Salary$0$0
302cJLARC BPOL Reporting Date$0$0
303cJLARC Review of Sexually Violent Predator Program$0$0
321cLegislative Agency Savings$0$0
331cTransfer Balances to DLS for One-time Redistricting Expenses$0$0
332cTransfer Capitol Guides$0$190,000
411cModify Embedded Criminal Fund Language$0$0
521cIndigent Defense Commission Balances$0$0
522cAuthorize Filling of Specific Judgeships$0$0
581cProgram for Address Confidentiality- Victim of Domestic Violence$0$6,110
671cStrike Language - Private Actuarial Review of the HIF$0$0
67.201cAdditional Funding for Sheriffs$0$6,000,000
67.301cEliminate Language per HB 2435$0$0
67.302cAdjust Jail Per Diems for Actual Population$-1,300,000$0
67.901cAllocation of Const. Officers' Positions$0$0
67.902cMaintain Local Retirement Reimbursement Rate$0$0
701cDGS Surplus Property$0$0
751cDelete Obselete Language Purusant to DHRM and DEDR$0$0
752cAutomated TAL System$0$0