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Chief Patron: Hanger
Item 351 #4s

Natural Resources
FY 10-11
FY 11-12
Department Of Conservation And Recreation

Page 304, line 3, strike "$62,595,053" and insert "$65,402,928".
Page 304, line 12, strike the second "$3,487,091" and insert "$6,294,966."

(This amendment increases essential soil and water conservation district operations funding to $124,000 per district for 47 districts. Soil and Water Conservation Districts are the essential player at the local level to implement nonpoint source programs to help accomplish water goals established by the General Assembly and the Administration. To meet the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay and Southern Rivers Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL), districts must have adequate resources to educate, plan, design and implement nonpoint source pollution control programs. Districts have proven to be the most cost-effective means of accomplishing these water quality goals. Across the state districts have lost 20 FTE positions over the past two years due to reduced funding available from the state and local governments. From 1997 to 2007, each of the 47 districts received $78,000 annually from the state to support staff, rent, computer services, communications, etc. It was increased to $83,000 in 2008 and subsequently reduced to the current level of $64,250. The Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board has studied this issue and determined that district funding should be at a minimal level of $124,000 per year to be able to adequately address required workloads.)

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