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Budget Amendments
2010 Session

Amendments to House Bill 30
Conference Report

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
01cFront Page Adjustments$0$0
02cTechnical correction to title$0$0
111cReduction - Joint Commission on Health Care$-20,000$-25,000
171cReduction - Youth Commission$-10,000$-10,000
181cReduction - Crime Commission$-20,000$-25,000
221cReduce Funding for Civil War Commission$-169,741$-169,741
29.11cCommission on Energy and Environment$15,975$0
301cJLARC Ongoing Oversight of IT Outsourcing$0$0
302cJLARC Review of TICR$0$0
311cSavings from a Reduction in the Pmts. for Dues$-58,157$-58,157
321cReversion of House and Senate Clerk Balances$0$0
322cLegislative Agency Balances$0$0
381cDirect Deposit of State Revenues$0$0
391cReporting Requirement$0$0
411cCourt Ordered Repair or Replacement of Court Facilities$0$0
412cRestore Funding to the Criminal Fund$9,200,000$9,200,000
413cProbation Violation Guidelines$0$0
421cCriminal Fund - CDC Oversight of Changes in Misdemeanor Prosecution$-3,500,000$-3,500,000
431cEliminate Funding for Counsel for Individuals in Juvenile Facilities$-30,240$-30,240
481cEliminate the Proposal to Establish 3 New Public Defender Offices$-9,000,000$-8,500,000
521cSavings from Freezing Vacant Judgeships$0$0
522cJudicial Branch Savings$0$0
67.101cRestore the Dept. of Employment Dispute Resolution$1,078,130$1,078,130
67.102cMove Sheriffs Back to Office of Administration$350,790,718$338,081,539
67.103cMove Per Diem Payment Back to Office of Administration$51,102,382$53,352,871
67.104cMove Local Finance Directors Back to Office of Administration$623,140$623,140
67.105cMove Local Commissioners of the Revenue Back to the Office of administration$9,368,007$9,368,007
67.106cMove Attorneys for the Commonwealth Back to the Office of Administration$55,271,427$55,271,427
67.107cMove Circuit Court Clerks Back to the Office of Finance$46,837,646$46,837,646
67.108cMove Local Treasurers Back to the Office of Administration$8,546,944$8,546,944