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Budget Amendments
2008 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 29
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Show details for Adjustments and Modifications to Tax CollectionsAdjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
Show details for AdministrationAdministration
Show details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
Show details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
Hide details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
1671sPrince William Performing Arts$0$500,000
C-19.161sWM: Cooling Plant & Utilities (Phase II)$0$0
C-36.901sGMU: Renovate Labs (Prince William Campus)$0$10,000,000
C-36.903sGMU: Repair Fitness & Aquatic Center HVAC$0$2,526,000
C-85.202sVMI: Planning Physical Training Facilities$0$4,570,000
C-85.203sVMI: Military & Leadership Field Training Grounds$0$5,000,000
C-93.101sVSU: Carter Building Addition$0$4,650,000
Show details for General Fund DepositsGeneral Fund Deposits
Show details for Health And Human ResourcesHealth And Human Resources
Show details for Natural ResourcesNatural Resources
Show details for Public SafetyPublic Safety
Show details for RevenuesRevenues
Show details for TransfersTransfers
Show details for TransportationTransportation
Show details for Working Capital Funds and Lines of CreditWorking Capital Funds and Lines of Credit