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Budget Amendments
2009 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 850
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
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01gReflects revised revenue estimate-clerks' excess fees$0$0
02gReflect Actual Distributions to Localities$0$0
03gReflect Impact of the Worker, Retiree, and Employer Recovery Act of 2008$0$0
04gRevises transfers for additional cash from the Department of Health$0$0
746gIncrease Funding for Circuit Court Clerks' Fringe Benefits$0$2,100,000
1081gProvide Supplemental Training Funding$0$1,500,000
14016gReduce the Virginia Preschool Initiative to Account for Nonparticipation$0$-11,851,284
14027gAdjust Sales Tax Revenue Dedicated to Public Education$-450,465$-109,690
14028gRemove Incorrect Strike-through Included in the Introduced Budget$0$0
2641gAmend Transfer Payments to Localities to Reflect Actual Distributions$403,143$404,651
2801gCapture Debt Service Savings$-761,080$-790,492
301.051gAdjust General Fund Appropriation$0$60,000
3066gEmergency Regulatory Language for Long-stay Hospital Payment Changes$0$0
3461gRemove Funding for Relocation of the Central Office$0$-1,159,220
3614gAdd Language Authorizing Cost Effective Financing for Dam Repair$0$0
3991gRestore Hazardous Materials General Fund Support$0$285,588
4111gAuthorize Establishment of General Fund Appropriation$0$0
4331gClarify Language for the Virginia Evterprise Applications Program$0$0
4341gExpand the Reporting Structure of the Chief Information Officer$0$0
4342gFind Ways to Reduce Information Technology Costs to Agencies$0$0
452.051gImplement Appropriation Reductions$0$0
C-5.051gAuthorize Funds for the Main Street Centre Employee Parking Deck$0$0
C-81.631gAdjusts the Square Footage in Property Exchange$0$0
C-113.051gModify Capital Project Authorization$0$0
C-1801gCorrects Project Amount for Academic Building, Chesapeake Campus$0$0
C-1821gCorrect Total for Virginia College Building Authority Capital Table$0$0
3-1.012gReflect Cash Transfer
3-5.181gCorrect the Due Date for the June 2009 Fuels Tax Return to August 2009
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