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State Budget - 2009 Session
Budget Amendments

To create a report of selected budget amendments, enter a range of budget item numbers starting with the lowest number and ending with the highest (limit 200 amendments per report). The "From" value must be a budget item number that has an existing amendment listed on the previous page. Otherwise, you will generate an error and be prompted to try again. Optionally, you can select an agency or area of government to generate a report. All budget amendments (both operating and capital) that affect the selected category will be listed. Once the report has been generated, you can use your browser print function to output the results.

Amendment Report for Senate Bill 850
SFC Approved

Option 1: Enter range of budget item numbers below
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Budget Bill Item Numbers (refer to specific year budget bill for exact ranges)
Enacting Clause: 0 | Operating Expenses: 1 through 532 | Capital Project Expenses: C-0 through C-155
Part 3: Miscellaneous: 3-1.00 through 3-6.01 | Part 4: General Provisions: 4-1.00 through 4-12.00