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Budget Amendments
2009 Session

Amendments to House Bill 1600
House Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Hide details for Adjustments and Modifications to Tax CollectionsAdjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
3-5.131hStrike Language Changing the Distribution for Excess Fees
3-5.132hAmend Language Changing the Distribution for Excess Fees
3-5.133hStrike Language Changing the Distribution for Excess Fees
3-5.181gCorrect the Due Date for the June 2009 Fuels Tax Return to August 2009
3-5.191hSuspension of BPOL Collection
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
691hProvide Additional Staff for Blue Ridge Regional Jail$0$291,195
692hJail Impact of HB 2179 - Reduction of Time Served$0$858,106
693hChatham Diversion Center Transfer to Pittsylvania$0$2,320,000
694hFund Support Staff for JDR Judgeship$0$32,380
711hExempt Local Finance Directors from Supporting State Tax Work$0$0
721hSet Reduction for Commissioners of Revenue at 5%$0$535,750
722hRestore a Portion of Reduction for Commissioners of Revenue$0$908,760
731hConvert Cumberland County Commonwealth's Attorney to Full-time Status$0$101,500
741hSet Reduction for Circuit Court Clerks at 7%$0$824,979
742hRestore Funding for Circuit Court Clerk Offices$0$2,749,929
743hEliminate Additional Appropriation from the Courts Technology Fund$0$0
744hSet Reduction for Circuit Court Clerks' Offices at 5%$0$1,374,965
745hSupplant Additional GF with Clerk's Technology Trust Fund$0$0
746gIncrease Funding for Circuit Court Clerks' Fringe Benefits$0$2,100,000
747hSet Reduction for Circuit Court Clerks at 7%$0$824,979
748hReduce Additional Appropriation from the Courts Technology Fund$0$0
749hNGF Appropriation for Newport News Clerk of Circuit$0$0
751hSet Reduction for Treasurers at 5%$0$529,667
752hRestore a Portion of Reduction for Treasurers$0$729,344
753hRelieve Treasurers of Mandates Related to Rabies Vaccination Certificates$0$0
761hPositions for Blue Ridge Regional Jail Expansion$0$0
762hVCC Codes and LIDS$0$0
763hUpdate Staffing Standards$0$0
771hDept. of Employment Dispute Reolution-Stand Alone Agency$0$1,406,610
811hClarify Language Related to Energy Efficiency Design$0$0
851hDept. of Employment Dispute Resolution-Stand Alone Agency$0$-1,406,610
891hMail-In Voter Registration Requirements$0$0
C-5.051gAuthorize Funds for the Main Street Centre Employee Parking Deck$0$0
Hide details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
951hRestore Hydrilla Funding$0$150,000
1021hLanguage on Hydrilla Funding$0$0
Hide details for AppropriationsAppropriations
4-1.081hRestore Day Reporting Centers
4-1.082hElectronic Veterans' Disability Claims System
4-1.083hRestore Virginia Wilderness Institute Program
4-1.084hRestore Funding for Black Diamond Reporting Center
4-1.085hRestoration of Parks Reductions
Hide details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
475.11hSavings from Decreased Printing Costs$0$-4,000,000
475.21hAdditional Reduction in Aid to Localities$0$-6,000,000
C-1801gCorrects Project Amount for Academic Building, Chesapeake Campus$0$0
C-1821gCorrect Total for Virginia College Building Authority Capital Table$0$0
Hide details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
1051hReduce Governor's Opportunity Fund$0$-7,152
1081gProvide Supplemental Training Funding$0$1,500,000
1082hRestore Funding to Va-Israel Advisory Board$0$7,152
1083hIncrease Funding for Va-Israel Advisory Bd.$58,765$65,827
1101hSeed Funding for Broadband Financing$0$10,000,000
1102hFMFADA Funding$0$1,556,934
1111hRestoration of Enterprise Zone Funding$1,106,100$2,250,000
Hide details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
1351hEducational Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children$0$75,000
1391hVirginia Teaching Scholarship Program$0$0
1393hNational Board for Professional Teaching Standards$0$1,176,750
1394hJobs for Virginia Graduates$0$85,263
1401hTransfer Textbooks into Lottery Proceeds Fund$0$-79,314,230
1402hPrevention, Intervention, & Remediation to Lottery$0$-69,143,636
1403hEliminate Cost of Competing Adjustment$0$-75,093,265
1404hFund Cost of Competing Adjustment at 25%$0$-50,428,075
1405hEliminate Local Match Requirement for Lottery Funds$0$0
1406hLottery Proceeds Fund - Block Grant$0$0
1407hNo Child Left Behind$0$0
1408hChange Composite Index Funding Formula$0$-123,711
1409hDelay Purchase of Textbooks$0$-79,314,230
14010hFlexibility for Textbook Allocations$0$0
14011hProhibit Pay Decreases for Instructional Positions$0$0
14012hRestore COCA Funding Cut by Support Position Cap$0$15,502,427
14013hIncrease Funding for VRS Payment$0$0
14014hCarryover Available Balances$0$0
14015hEligiblity for Admission to All Public Schools$0$0
14016gReduce the Virginia Preschool Initiative to Account for Nonparticipation$0$-11,851,284
14017hRedistribute Support Funding Cap Allocation$0$0
14018hInstructional Positions - School Social Workers$0$3,400,000
14019hNot Allow Localities to Forward Mail$0$0
14020hPublic School; Certain Information Required on Birth Certificates$0$0
14021hEliminate Local Match Requirement for Certain Programs$0$0
14022hWaive Certain Statutory SOQ Staffing Requirements$0$0
14023hCoordination of Effort Between DOE and CSA$0$0
14024hComposite Index Formula Change$0$100,000,000
14025hComposite Index Formula & Population Density$0$-192,900,000
14026hClarifing Language for Consolidations Impacting School Divisions' Allocations$0$0
14027gAdjust Sales Tax Revenue Dedicated to Public Education$-450,465$-109,690
14028gRemove Incorrect Strike-through Included in the Introduced Budget$0$0
1411hMedicaid Reimbursements for Special Education$0$0
Hide details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
1471hRestore TAG for Graduate Health Programs$0$1,500,000
1472hRestore Optometry$0$32,000
1473hRestore TAG$0$2,100,000
1474hVirginia Space Consortium$0$200,000
1481hSCHEV Restore Eminent Scholar for CWM$0$1,271,900
1482hRestore Eminent Scholars for GMU$0$539,806
1483hRestore UVA Eminent Scholar$0$2,816,246
1484hRestore VSU Eminent Scholars$0$30,573
1485hRestore VT Eminent Scholars$0$577,780
1521hCNU Continue Moderation Fund Supplement$0$722,576
1531hCNU Fin Aid$0$676,666
1541hCNU - Restore VECTEC funding$250,000$250,000
1561hCWM - O & M for New Facilities$0$1,637,000
1571hCWM - Fin Aid$0$482,000
1671hGMU - O & M for New Facilities$0$3,756,358
1672hGMU Security$0$2,500,000
1711hJMU Engineering Program$0$2,547,877
1712hJMU O & M for New Buildings$0$665,138
1751hLongwood Moton Museum$0$750,000
1791hNSU - Material Science PhD$1,470,721$1,470,721
1831hODU - O & M New Facilities$1,151,500$2,237,700
1832hODU Maritime$25,000$25,000
1871hRadford O & M New facilities$0$268,053
1911hUMW - O & M for New Facilities$0$406,000
1971hUVA O & M New Facilities$0$9,221,794
1981hUVA Fin Aid$0$691,300
2041hUVA-W O & M New Facilities$0$451,812
2081hVCU O & M New Facilities$0$2,181,647
2082hVCU Utility$0$2,206,374
2083hVCU Dental$0$0
2084hVCU Shenandoah Family Practice$0$105,000
2131hVCCS O & M for New Facilities$0$9,567,664
2161hTechnical Adjustment to workforce amendment$0$0
2162hWorkforce Grants$0$10,000,000
2191hVMI O & M New Facilities$0$164,626
2192hVMI Utility$0$304,000
2241hVT O & M for New Facilities$642,561$1,219,110
2242hVT Utility Costs$0$5,484,715
2251hVT Fin Aid$0$2,148,161
2301hVSU Utility Costs$0$315,000
2311hVSU Fin Aid$0$300,000
C-121hCNU Supplement Campus Signage$3,095,000$0
C-14.401hCNU New Academic Hall$0$2,400,000
C-14.402hCNU Storm Water Management$0$1,500,000
C-14.403hCNU Integrated Science Center, Phase II$0$17,862,000
C-14.404hCNU Alumni House$0$4,000,000
C-14.405hCNU Supplement Library for Special Collections$0$3,035,000
C-14.406hCNU Property Sale$0$0
C-19.151hCWM - Integrated Science Center Planning$0$5,300,000
C-19.152hCWM Tucker Hall$0$11,020,000
C-36.701hGMU Student Union Supplement$0$8,000,000
C-36.702hGMU Arlington II Equipment Supplement$0$3,550,000
C-371hJMU Equipment for Arts and Music$4,396,000$0
C-40.301hLongwood - Hull Springs Farm Facility$500,000$0
C-44.201hUMW Alternative Financing Language$0$0
C-46.101hNSU Signage$8,380,000$8,380,000
C-46.102hNSU Fine Arts Building Planning$2,000,000$2,000,000
C-50.301hODU Systems Research Building$0$19,251,000
C-50.302hODU Property Conveyance$0$0
C-61.501hUVA Ruffner Planning$1,600,000$0
C-61.502hUVA New Cabell Hall$720,000$75,400,000
C-63.151hUVA-W Library Planning$0$3,500,000
C-67.201hVCU Classroom Building$0$42,282,000
C-81.591hRCC Career Technical Building$0$0
C-81.631gAdjusts the Square Footage in Property Exchange$0$0
C-85.101hVMI Post Infrastructure Planning$0$955,000
C-85.102hVMI Science Bldg Renovation$0$18,300,000
C-85.103hVMI Post Hospital Renovation Planning$0$205,000
C-91.101hVT Davidson Hall$0$29,894,000
C-91.102hVT Parking$0$30,000,000
C-91.103hVT Engineering$0$9,750,000
C-93.101hVSU Alternative Financing$0$0
Hide details for Education: OtherEducation: Other
2421hSMV Air Museum$0$0
C-96.501hBelmont Bay$0$11,000,000
Hide details for Executive OfficesExecutive Offices
561hRepresentation of SWCDs by Attorney General$0$0
Hide details for FinanceFinance
2641gAmend Transfer Payments to Localities to Reflect Actual Distributions$403,143$404,651
2671hLine of Duty Death Benefit - Definition of Deceased Person$0$225,000
2672hFunding for Line of Duty Act Pursuant to HB 1997$0$6,941,869
2673hClaims -- HB 2243$0$50,000
2701hSet-Off Collection of Local Taxes$0$0
2801gCapture Debt Service Savings$-761,080$-790,492
2802hTreasury Board Jail Construction$0$0
2803hJail Construction Western Virginia$0$0
2804hMeherrin Regional Jail Authority$0$0
2805hMeherrin River Regional Jail Authority$0$0
Hide details for General ConditionsGeneral Conditions
C-02hGreen Buildings$0$0
Hide details for General ProvisionsGeneral Provisions
4-0.012hProhibit Compliance with Real ID Act
4-0.013hHigher education
4-0.014hHigher education e-verify
4-0.015hHigher Ed GI Bill
Hide details for Health And Human ResourcesHealth And Human Resources
2821hBlueprint for Aging Services$0$0
2822hBlueprint for Aging Services$0$0
2831hMaintain Local Match Rate for Residential CSA Services$0$3,900,000
2832hIntensive Care Coordination$0$0
2833hCSA Training and Technical Assistance$0$0
2834hGuidelines Using State Pool Funds to Create Comm. Services$0$0
2835hProhibit Match Rate Changes for Certain Localities$0$398,264
2841hIncrease Funds for Aging Services$0$1,553,700
2881hNorton Relay Center Minimum Position Level$0$0
2901hRestore $4 for Life to Rescue Squad Assistance Fund$0$0