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Budget Amendments
2009 Session

Amendments to House Bill 1600
House Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Show details for Adjustments and Modifications to Tax CollectionsAdjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
Show details for AdministrationAdministration
Show details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
Show details for AppropriationsAppropriations
Show details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
Show details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
Show details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
Hide details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
1471hRestore TAG for Graduate Health Programs$0$1,500,000
1472hRestore Optometry$0$32,000
1473hRestore TAG$0$2,100,000
1474hVirginia Space Consortium$0$200,000
1481hSCHEV Restore Eminent Scholar for CWM$0$1,271,900
1482hRestore Eminent Scholars for GMU$0$539,806
1483hRestore UVA Eminent Scholar$0$2,816,246
1484hRestore VSU Eminent Scholars$0$30,573
1485hRestore VT Eminent Scholars$0$577,780
1521hCNU Continue Moderation Fund Supplement$0$722,576
1531hCNU Fin Aid$0$676,666
1541hCNU - Restore VECTEC funding$250,000$250,000
1561hCWM - O & M for New Facilities$0$1,637,000
1571hCWM - Fin Aid$0$482,000
1671hGMU - O & M for New Facilities$0$3,756,358
1672hGMU Security$0$2,500,000
1711hJMU Engineering Program$0$2,547,877
1712hJMU O & M for New Buildings$0$665,138
1751hLongwood Moton Museum$0$750,000
1791hNSU - Material Science PhD$1,470,721$1,470,721
1831hODU - O & M New Facilities$1,151,500$2,237,700
1832hODU Maritime$25,000$25,000
1871hRadford O & M New facilities$0$268,053
1911hUMW - O & M for New Facilities$0$406,000
1971hUVA O & M New Facilities$0$9,221,794
1981hUVA Fin Aid$0$691,300
2041hUVA-W O & M New Facilities$0$451,812
2081hVCU O & M New Facilities$0$2,181,647
2082hVCU Utility$0$2,206,374
2083hVCU Dental$0$0
2084hVCU Shenandoah Family Practice$0$105,000
2131hVCCS O & M for New Facilities$0$9,567,664
2161hTechnical Adjustment to workforce amendment$0$0
2162hWorkforce Grants$0$10,000,000
2191hVMI O & M New Facilities$0$164,626
2192hVMI Utility$0$304,000
2241hVT O & M for New Facilities$642,561$1,219,110
2242hVT Utility Costs$0$5,484,715
2251hVT Fin Aid$0$2,148,161
2301hVSU Utility Costs$0$315,000
2311hVSU Fin Aid$0$300,000
C-121hCNU Supplement Campus Signage$3,095,000$0
C-14.401hCNU New Academic Hall$0$2,400,000
C-14.402hCNU Storm Water Management$0$1,500,000
C-14.403hCNU Integrated Science Center, Phase II$0$17,862,000
C-14.404hCNU Alumni House$0$4,000,000
C-14.405hCNU Supplement Library for Special Collections$0$3,035,000
C-14.406hCNU Property Sale$0$0
C-19.151hCWM - Integrated Science Center Planning$0$5,300,000
C-19.152hCWM Tucker Hall$0$11,020,000
C-36.701hGMU Student Union Supplement$0$8,000,000
C-36.702hGMU Arlington II Equipment Supplement$0$3,550,000
C-371hJMU Equipment for Arts and Music$4,396,000$0
C-40.301hLongwood - Hull Springs Farm Facility$500,000$0
C-44.201hUMW Alternative Financing Language$0$0
C-46.101hNSU Signage$8,380,000$8,380,000
C-46.102hNSU Fine Arts Building Planning$2,000,000$2,000,000
C-50.301hODU Systems Research Building$0$19,251,000
C-50.302hODU Property Conveyance$0$0
C-61.501hUVA Ruffner Planning$1,600,000$0
C-61.502hUVA New Cabell Hall$720,000$75,400,000
C-63.151hUVA-W Library Planning$0$3,500,000
C-67.201hVCU Classroom Building$0$42,282,000
C-81.591hRCC Career Technical Building$0$0
C-81.631gAdjusts the Square Footage in Property Exchange$0$0
C-85.101hVMI Post Infrastructure Planning$0$955,000
C-85.102hVMI Science Bldg Renovation$0$18,300,000
C-85.103hVMI Post Hospital Renovation Planning$0$205,000
C-91.101hVT Davidson Hall$0$29,894,000
C-91.102hVT Parking$0$30,000,000
C-91.103hVT Engineering$0$9,750,000
C-93.101hVSU Alternative Financing$0$0
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