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Item 294 #2s

Health And Human Resources
Department Of HealthLanguage

Page 309, strike lines 28 through 52, re-letter the remaining paragraphs, and insert:
"B. Effective July 1, 2009, the schedule of fees for applications for certificates of public need (COPN) shall not be less than $1,000 nor exceed the lesser of one percent of the proposed expenditure for the project or $50,000. Such fees shall be divided equally between the Department of Health and regional health planning agencies (RHPAs), with the allocation among the regional health planning agencies based on population. If any region does not have a designated RHPA for any period of time, the Department of Health shall retain the fees that would have been distributed to the RHPA."

(This amendment removes new language eliminating the role of RHPAs in the certificate of public need (COPN) process. Also, new budget language is added restricting COPN application fees to $1,000 or the lesser of one percent of the project expenditures not to exceed $50,000.)

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