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Budget Amendments
2007 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 750
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
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1192sVA Biotech Wet-Lab Program$0$5,000,000
3912sCriminal Justice Academies$0$0
4384sIntermodal Rail Facility$0$0
Hide details for BlevinsBlevins
913sHoney Bees$0$255,000
1321sVa Teaching Scholarship Loan Progam$0$500,000
1788sODU - Center for Teacher Quality and Educational Leadership$0$1,000,000
1789sODU - Center for Hearing Education and Research$0$300,000
30216sProvide Additional Funding for PACE Program$0$250,000
30236sMedicaid Eligibility for Foster Care Recipients$0$6,800,000
C-198.9010sVCCS: TCC - Chesapeake Academic Building$0$32,313,218
Hide details for ColganColgan
341sPay supplement for Juvenile Court Service Unit in 31st Judicial District$0$244,000
362sMagistrates for Prince William County$0$353,325
1021sThe Flory Center$0$600,000
1359sCost of Competing Adjustment - PD8$0$13,503,919
13514sIncrease ESL Staffing$0$32,024,974
1433sSCHEV - Virginia Space Grant Consortium$0$142,000
1452sSCHEV - Cost of Living Index Adjustment for 60th Percentile Faculty Salaries Goal$0$0
2088sVCCS - Fund Split$0$668,615
3026sMR Waiver-Supported Employment$0$0
30214s20% MR Waiver Rate Differential for Northern Virginia$0$15,691,438
30218sAdjust MR Waiver Rates and Northern Virginia Differential$0$22,500,000
3111sSalary Differential for NOVA - DMHMRSAS Facilities Staff$0$3,300,000
31229sLocal Inpatient Purchase of Services$0$2,780,000
3271sPersonal Assistance Services in DRS$0$1,456,000
3273sLong-Term Employment Services$0$2,500,000
3583sT. Nelson Elliot Dam$0$4,500,000
3823sCareer Readiness Certification$0$250,000
3861sMessages to Mom and Dad$0$500,000
3916sManassas ICE Training$0$500,000
4372sVRE Expansion$0$3,000,000
C-7.301sDGS: Capitol Connector$7,200,000$0
C-412sGMU: Supplement Patriot Center Addition$0$2,900,000
C-511sGMU: Biocontainment Lab Restrictive Covenant$0$0
C-542sGMU: Supplement Hotel Conference Center$0$40,000,000
C-55.201sGMU: Supplement Fairfax Research I$900,000$0
C-55.871sGMU: Shift NGF Supplement from Student Housing VII$0$-6,000,000
C-55.881sGMU: Parking Deck III Supplement$0$10,856,000
C-55.882sGMU: Shift NGF Supplement to Student Union III$0$6,000,000
C-198.902sVCCS: NVCC-Phase III Academic Building, Manassas Campus$0$29,150,000
C-198.903sVCCS: NVCC- Phase III Academic Building, Woodbridge$0$43,990,000
C-241.202sSMVa: Construct Belmont Bay Science Center$0$40,000,000
4-2.011sVCCS - 75/25 Split
Hide details for CuccinelliCuccinelli
571sEliminate Funding for Public Broadcasting$0$-3,599,669
595sComp Bd: Raises for Employees of Locally Elected Sheriffs'$0$0
851sConstitutional amendment Referendum: Eminent Domain (SB 781)$0$200,000
4-5.121sDues to Organizations that Lobby the General Assembly
Hide details for DeedsDeeds
591sSheriffs' Minimum Staffing Standard$0$139,612
661sSheriffs' Minimum Staffing$0$0
1044sAlleghany Highlands Economic Development$0$500,000
1061sTransfer of State Fire Marshal's Office$0$-2,791,331
2087sVCCS - Health Careers Lab Equipment at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College$0$185,000
2935sNelson County Wellness Passport Project$0$200,000
30235sCharlottesville Peer Grouping Modified$0$0
3292sStatewide Independent Living Fund$0$20,000
4001sOffice of State Fire Marshal$0$2,791,331
4211sBath County EOC$0$300,000
4212sBath County E-911 Center$0$300,000
4382sTrans Dominion Express Study$0$250,000
Hide details for Devolites-DavisDevolites-Davis
363sMagistrates Shift Differential$0$1,500,000
531sTechnology Trust Fund$0$304,740
643sComp Bd: Clerks Technology Trust Fund$0$8,000,000
853sSBE: Optical Scan Voting Machines$0$30,000,000
1345sJobs for Virginia Graduates$0$600,000
2911sIncrease Funding for Va. Bleeding Disorders Program$0$400,000
3345sTANF Ban Opt Out for Certain Individuals$0$205,219
Hide details for EdwardsEdwards
161sAdministrative Law Advisory Committee$0$30,000
1261sCommonwealth School Planning$0$100,000
2461sRHEA - Culinary Arts Laboratory Funding$0$150,000
31218sIntensive Mental Illness Svs. in Richmond & Fairfax$0$2,400,000
31231sMental Retardation Services for Non-waiver Recipients$0$5,000,000
416.501sSalary Adjustment for Veterans Services Representatives$0$100,000
416.502sVA Miliary Survivors and Dependents Education$0$48,000
416.503sMarketing and Outreach$0$340,000
416.504sStudy of Future Veterans Cemeteries$50,000$0
C-41sDGS: Va. War Memorial Educational Wing$0$2,000,000
C-198.905sVCCS: VWCC - Anderson Hall$0$19,199,356
C-218.601sVaTech: Cyber Arts Studio & Creative Arts Lab$0$19,200,000
C-218.602sVaTech: Supplement- Performance Hall$0$13,000,000
C-218.603sVaTech: Renovate Liberal Arts Building$0$6,500,000
C-218.604sVaTech: Engineering/Computational Sciences Building$0$25,500,000
Hide details for Governor KaineGovernor Kaine
253gCourt-Appointed Counsel Fees$0$0
311gAppeals Chief Judge Salary$0$0
13523gVPSA debt service$-408,379$0
1481gCNU-Faculty Salaries funding$0$13,744
1524gW&M-Faculty Salaries Funding$0$-218,153
1561gRBC-Faculty Salaries$0$6,655
1606gVIMS-Faculty Salaries$0$31,526
1622gGMU-Faculty Salaries$0$105,102
1623gGMU-Nursing Faculty Salaries$0$9,831
1663gJMU-Faculty Salaries$0$-186,084
1703gLC-Faculty Salaries$0$13,844
1744gNSU-Faculty Salaries$0$-57,207
1745gNSU-Nursing Faculty Salaries$0$4,916
1784gODU-Nursing Faculty Salaries$0$19,663
1785gODU-faculty Salaries$0$16,009
1821gRU-Faculty Salaries$0$45,074
1861gUMW-Faculty Salaries$0$6,444
1924gUVA-Faculty Salaries$0$-638,367
1992gUVA-Wise-Nursing Faculty Salaries$0$24,578
1993gUVA-Wise-Faculty Salaries$0$26,429
2038gVCU-Faculty Salaries$0$-151,409
2039gVCU-Nursing Faculty Salaries$0$29,494
2081gVCCS-Faculty Salaries$0$1,581,439
2151gVMI-Faculty Salaries$0$-30,135
2204gVPI&SU-Faculty Salaries$0$-766,314
2244gVPI&SU-CEAES-Faculty Salaries$0$261,794
2252gVSU-Faculty Salaries$0$-63,875
2291gVSU-CEARS-Faculty Salaries$0$3,484
30218gTechnical - Medicaid Service Areas$0$0
3401gTechnical Correction-Comm. Action Agencies$0$0
3581gTechnical/Move funding to Correct Service Area$0$0
4361gUpdate Imbedded Number$0$0
4371gCorrect Imbedded Number$0$0
4611gClarify Local Criminal Justice Svs Employee Reference$0$0
4621gGeospatial Information Svs Rates$0$-454,298
481201gOur Military Kids Inc.$0$100,000
C-302.201gCemetery Acquisition$583,000$0
C-3291gEliminate Unnecessary Capital Project Language Table$0$0
C-3301gEliminate Unnecessary Capital Project Language Table$0$0
4-6.011gAgency Head Salaries
Hide details for HangerHanger
901sVirginia Wine Board$200,000$200,000
971sPurchase of Development Rights$0$20,000,000
972sVirginia Farm Link Program$50,000$50,000
1242sVirginia Racing Commission$0$0
1252sOutdoor Advertising Association$0$90,000
1271sDetemination of Citizenship Status & Assistance$0$0
1271s"Zero Tolerance" for Underage Drinking by Students$0$0
1331sRemove FTEs for Proposed Preschool Pilots$0$-200,000
1353sRemove Proposed Preschool Pilots$0$-4,638,750
1451sSCHEV - Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking$0$0
1664sJMU - Increase Number of Qualified Nurses$0$1,256,049
2301sFCM - Security$0$25,000
2784sPartnerships to Reduce TANF MOE Requirements$0$10,000
2801sFunding for No Wrong Door Pilot Projects$0$600,000
2892sCarryover Authority for State Pharmaceutical Assistance$0$0
3021sMedicaid Reimbursement for Personal Care$0$84,654,050
3023sExpand Medicaid Services for Substance Use Disorder$0$10,494,916
3028sMedicaid Reimbursement for Adult Day Health Care$0$840,500
30222sModify Grouping of Localities$0$5,000,000
30228sMedicaid Impact - Increase Auxiliary Grant Payment$0$3,379,740
31216sElectronic Health Records for CSBs$0$10,000,000
31217sSubstance Abuse Prevention Services$0$2,400,000
31219sRegional Svc. Coordinators for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing, & Late Deafened$0$750,000
31220sDeaf Interpreter Services$0$100,000
31224sExpand Mental Health Case Management Services for Children$0$3,912,000
31228sSubstance Abuse Services$0$12,000,000
3272sBrain Injury Program Infrastructure$0$282,612
3373sIncrease Maximum Auxiliary Grant Rate to $1,100$0$4,029,792
3586sDam Breach Inundation Zone Mapping$0$1,500,000
3587sTracking BMP Implementation$0$500,000
3588sWatershed Roundtables$0$0
3592sState Parks$0$3,900,000
3601sFoundation for Natural Resources$0$150,000
3622sShenandoah River Fish Kill$0$270,000
3701sRevolutionary War Grave$0$0
3791sZero Tolerance for Underage Drinking$0$0
3821sInstructional Services for Community Corrections$0$950,000
3822sVocational Training Center - Harrisonburg$0$500,000
3874sMoratorium on New Prison Construction$0$0
3875sPlan to Reduce Prison Population$0$0
4011sVolunteer Firefighters Service Program$0$122,520
C-56.102sJMU: Planning - Renovate Rockingham Memorial Hospital Property$0$11,400,000
C-56.103sJMU: Property Purchase$0$9,000,000
3-1.011sVirginia Wine Board
4-5.042sNo Public Funds to Enhance Sexual Function
4-5.043sNo Public Funds for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Hide details for HawkinsHawkins
1152sBiofuels Production Fund$0$1,000,000
2081sVCCS - Career Coaches$0$868,000
2082sVCCS - Correct Workforce Funding Reduction$332,082$332,082
2451sIALR - Emergency Health and Safety Assessment Funding$0$20,000
2452sIALR - Maintenance Funding$0$0
2491sProvide Initial Funding for Upgrade of Jefferson Lab$0$3,500,000
2511sIALR - HEETF Support$0$0
2651sTax Department mailing for sales tax holiday$0$60,000
2793sNon-mandated CSA Funding$0$52,605
3584sVA Invasive Species Council$0$25,000
3585sSWCD Operating Support$0$1,600,000
3642sSmith Mountain Lake Water Quality$0$50,000
3671sSmith Mountain Lake Navigation Aids$0$50,000
4383sShortline Railway Program$0$3,000,000
4433sI-73 - Matching Federal Funds$0$0
Hide details for HerringHerring
13513sComposite Index - Loudoun Co.$16,117,405$17,165,202
2764sLoudoun County Jail$0$6,360,875
2951sRegulate Maintenance of Nonconventional sewage Systems$0$325,000
31212sSubstance Abuse Prevention Services$0$2,400,000
4373sLoudoun Transit Services$0$2,150,000
4437sLeesburg Pedestrian Bridge$0$60,000
Show details for HouckHouck