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Budget Amendments
2007 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 750
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
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594sComp Bd: Master Deputy Program$0$232,551
597sCmp Bd: Emergency Corrections Officers$0$4,987,427
641sRestore Clerk's Budget Cuts - Salaries$0$72,944
664sComp Bd: Corrections Deputy Sheriffs$0$0
1047sPlanning District Commissions$0$1,017,179
1048sGeorge Washington Regional Commission$0$13,915
1353sAt-Risk Fours Preschool$0$0
1358sCost of Competing Adjustment - Culpeper$0$755,678
13510sCompensation Supp - 4.5% July 1, 2007$0$100,381,464
20313sVCU - Expansion of Training Opportunities in Autism$0$288,500
20314sVCU - Autism Services$0$250,000
20315sVCU - Council on Economic Education$0$100,000
2086sVCCS - Vocational Training Program for Individuals with Mental Impairments$0$118,700
2245sVA Tech Ext - Commonwealth Staffing Initiative$0$1,554,438
2502sVirginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium$0$2,000,000
2762sCulpeper County Jail$0$7,847,332
2792sCSA Local Administrative Funding$0$4,234,215
2802sArea Agency on Aging Hold Harmless Funding$0$985,000
2805sLong-Term Care Ombudsman Program$0$912,840
2891sEstablish HIV Prevention Programs$0$250,000
2914sComprehensive Sickle Cell Services Program$0$532,900
2915sCommunity-Based Sickle Cell Program Enhancement Grants$0$200,000
2931sExpand Services at Free Clinics$0$485,000
30212sReimbursement of Emergency Room Claims$0$4,000,000
30217sRedirect Savings from Generic Drug Reimbursement to Pharmacy Dispensing Fees$0$0
30225sExpand Medicaid Services for Substance Use Disorder$0$10,494,916
30226sInflationary Adjustment for Physician Rates$0$6,809,533
30231sUninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund$0$250,000
30237sMedicaid Impact - Increase Auxiliary Grant Payment$0$9,879,240
3126sMental Health Services in Juvenile Detention Centers$0$1,200,000
3129sReport on Acute Psychiatric Beds for Children and Adolescents$0$50,000
31223sSpecialized Mental Health Consumer-Operated Programs$0$700,000
3343sIncrease Funding for Child Care Resource & Referral Network$0$150,000
3344sFund Changes to TANF Groupings$0$1,989,000
3374sIncrease Maximum Auxiliary Grant Rate to $1,200$0$12,144,192
3381sPlan to Expand Healthy Families Initiatives$0$0
3382sExpand Healthy Family Sites$0$500,000
35810sRappahannock River Basin Commission$0$30,000
3672sPatrol Staffing for Rappahannock River Easement$0$410,000
3703sCivil War Historic Site Preservation Fund$0$2,000,000
3876sFluvanna Water Line$0$0
4053sCulpeper Debt for Juvenile Detention Beds$0$0
4375sPara-transit Services$0$0
4381sRail Improvements in I-95 Corridor$0$0
4614s10% Salary Increase for Magistrates$0$1,800,000
4615sDistrict Court Clerks' Salaries$0$6,107,049
C-255.202sLake Anna State Park$0$475,000
C-290.401sDOC: Waterline, Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women$0$0
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