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Budget Amendments
2006 Special Session I

Senate Amendments to House Bill 5002
Committee Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
05sFront Page Revenues$0$0
12sLegislative Aides for Committee Chairmen$830,035$830,035
13sMember Per Diems$208,199$208,199
14sSenate Clerk's Office$344,932$244,932
15sJoint Subcommittee on Mentally Ill in CJ System$0$0
16sJoint Subcommittee on Agency Head Compensation$0$0
17sJoint Subcommittee - Base Adequacy$0$0
18sJoint Subcommittee on Capital Budgeting$0$0
19sJoint Subcommittee on Capital cost Overruns$0$0
21sClarification of Reporting of Private Gifts to Higher Ed$0$0
22sAPA Study on Institutional Debt Capacity$0$0
41sCapitol Police Positions$949,039$869,039
42sCapitol Police Career Development Plan$300,000$300,000
61sBrown v. Board of Education Scholarship$30,000$30,000
62sSmall Business Commission$15,000$15,000
63sCommission on Electric Utility Restructuring$10,000$10,000
64sManufacturing Commission (SB 261)$12,000$12,000
65sDLS Attorney Career Development Plan$112,494$112,494
121sJCOTS Attorney Career Development Plan$16,724$16,724
191sFOIA Attorney Career Development Plan$6,409$6,409
20.11sCommission on Unemployment Comp$6,000$6,000
211sReport on Assisted Living Regulations$0$0
212sReport on Brain Injury Services$0$0
214sFollow-up Study on Trauma Centers$0$0
301sCourts Technology Fund$7,940,000$8,178,200
303sTechnical Assistance$350,000$400,000
311sCourt of Appeals Travel Expense$38,500$38,500
312sCompensation for Chief Judge, Court of Appeals$5,560$5,560
321sNew Circuit Judge (SB 388)$219,791$217,291
323sCriminal Fund - Court Appointed Counsel Fees$1,420,400$343,800
324sCriminal Fund - Sexually Violent Predator Cases$440,000$440,000
331sNew General District Judges (SB 391)$601,209$593,709
332sDistrict Court Positions$1,000,000$2,000,000
333sCompensation of Expert Witnesses (SB 251)$50,000$50,000
334sForensic Evaluations - Increase Fee Cap (SB 639)$482,100$482,100
341sGuardians ad Litem$0$0
342sNew Juvenile Judges$801,612$791,612
391sPublic Defender Positions$1,000,000$2,000,000
483sTobacco Settlement Language$0$0
484sAttorney General Positions$838,652$746,652
485sAG Outside Counsel Costs$0$0
486sAG Nonpersonal Services$200,000$0
487sTobacco Enforcement Language Clarification$0$0
489sComplete Transfer of Master Settlement Agreement$19,078$19,078
4810sAttorney General 7 FTE Positions (Special Funds)$658,809$588,809
491sRemove OAG Salary Increases for Attorneys$-135,068$-135,068
521sDebt Collection Language Clarification$0$0
54.101sNew SB5002 Amendment: Enterprise Applications Public-Private Partnership Project Office$5,793,908$8,793,908
571sAllegheny Mountain Radio$20,000$20,000
577sCommunity Service Grants for Public Radio$100,000$0
598sRestore Position Reallocation Language$0$0
599sMaster Deputy Program$158,162$158,162
5910sLaw Enforcement Deputies at 1:1,500$358,906$411,760
5911sCompensation of Multi-jurisdictional Sheriffs$8,000$8,000
5919sMaster Deputy Program$0$0
602sDelete Incorrect Language Reference$0$0
631sJail Population Forecast Position$83,033$81,993
632sCommonwealth's Attorneys' Staffing Standards$4,742,594$9,960,994
646sCircuit Court Clerks Salary Chart$0$0
647sDeputy Clerks Career Development Program$0$0
648sTechnology Trust Funds for VITA Fees$0$50,000
661sPosition Relocations Within the Fiscal Year$0$0
662sStatewide Automated Victim Notification System$260,000$216,000
6610sClarification on Reimbursement of Withheld Funding$0$0
751sEthanol Fuel Initiative$-450,000$0
771sUpward Review for Supervisory Positions$0$0
801sSitter Barfoot Care Center Operating Costs$787,100$11,400,000
813sUpdate Veterans Facilities, Increase Staffing, Add Financial System$893,169$721,912
821sValidity Study Authorized for Veterans Cemeteries$0$0
831sTravel Reimbursement for the Leadership Council of Veterans services Organizations$5,000$0
851sConstitutional Amendment Referendum$332,000$0
853sElectronic Voting Machine Pilot$300,000$0
891sDangerous Dog Register$226,897$134,802
905sProvide Funding for Local Grants to Encourage Farmland Preservation$1,225,000$1,080,000
908sDACS - Commodity Surveys & Marketing$75,000$0
911sHydrilla Control - Lake Gaston$100,000$0
971sCoyote Control$0$0
983sReforestation of Timberlands$233,622$233,622
986sForestry-Personal Data Assistants$-100,000$0
1001sBusiness Incentives Study$0$0
1042sCommonwealth Regional Council$100,000$100,000
1046sCommunication Infrastructure Project$200,000$0
1048sSE Rural Community Assistance$100,000$100,000
10414sPlanning District Commissions$500,000$500,000
10416sDrinking and wastewater improvement projects$2,400,000$2,400,000
10417sThe Crooked Road$-75,000$-75,000
10418sRegional R&D Centers$0$-660,000
10419sAlleghany-Highland Initiative$-100,000$-100,000
10420sLake Country Advanced Knowledge Center$250,000$0
1051sEnterprise Zone Program$1,000,000$1,000,000
1151sState Energy Plan$230,000$80,000
1152sAlternative Fuels Production Incentive$0$0
1171sDMBE-Unexpended Balances$0$0
1192sSW VA Economic Dev Alliance$150,000$0
1193sProvide Funding for the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority$510,000$510,000
1196sSW VA Region Website$75,000$0
1197sAdvanced Shipbuilding & Carrier Integration Center$0$0
1199sMotor Sports Incentives$-125,000$-125,000
11911sVEDP-International Marketing$-100,000$0