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Budget Amendments
2006 Special Session I

Amendments to House Bill 5012
Committee Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
01hFront Page Revenues$0$0
11hSenate Renovations$0$150,000
31hVASAP Accounts Receivable$0$0
631hEliminate Reallocation Language$0$0
641hDelayed Jail Opening$0$-1,553,969
1111hProvide funding for local economic development effort$0$1,060,000
1371hSchool Efficiency Reviews$0$0
1441hTechnical - Census Data Correction$0$-415,253
2801hClarify use of excess Revenue Stabilization Fund deposit$0$0
3221hPrior Authorization Contract Savings$0$0
3261hCorrect Medicaid Spending$0$-3,958,708
3262hMedicaid Pharmacy Rebate Revenue$0$0
3263hReduce Medicare Part D "Clawback" Payment$0$-7,550,084
3264hUninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund$0$500,000
3265hAdjust Appropriation for Tobacco Tax Shortfall$0$0
3301hReimbursement for Ambulance Purchase (CVTC)$0$85,000
3541hTask Force on Adoptions$0$50,000
3591hTemporarily Suspend Assisted Living Regulations$0$0
3821hChesapeake Bay Restoration Fund$0$352,021
3881hTransfer Shenandoah River Funding from Biennial Budget$0$30,000
4501hNational Guard Re-enlistment Bonus$0$1,328,000
4831hHigh-Speed Passenger Rail$0$200,000
503.101hEnterprise PPEA$0$-3,314,000
5061hVOPA Executive Director Salary$0$7,046
5062hSchool Efficiency Review Program Savings$0$-300,000
5063hVirginia Performing Arts Center$0$-4,500,000
5064hUnallot Carryforward Surplus Balances in DOE$0$0
C-1.051h8th Street Demolition$0$4,500,000
C-1.101hState Capitol$0$1,000,000
C-4.251hRemove planning funds for 80 bed additions to Sitter Barfoot$0$-316,000
C-11.301hCNU Student Center$0$4,800,000
C-34.501hJMU Residence Hall$0$34,284,000
C-34.502hJMU Dining Hall$0$18,914,170
C-34.503hJMU Land Acquisition$0$4,550,000
C-38.101hLongwood Baseball Field$0$2,558,000
C-116.101hDCC Health Sci Bldg$0$12,000,000
C-117.251hVMI Parking$0$950,000
C-119.101hVMI - Supplement: Kilbourne Hall Renovation$0$1,900,000
C-139.301hWestern State$0$0
C-143.101hWWRC - Renovate Water and Sewer Systems$0$1,500,000
C-147.081hDCR Westmoreland Restaurant$0$800,000
C-194.051hCWM Football Facility$0$2,600,000
3-1.011hAuthorize Sale of ABC Alexandria Building
3-1.012hNongeneral funds reverted per ยง 4-1.05 b
3-1.013hABC Profits
3-3.041hClarify provision of in-kind services related to local economic development effort
3-5.071hAudit requirement for sales tax exemption
5-01hPart 5 - 2nd enactment amendment