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Budget Amendments
2004 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 29
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Hide details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
5121gFunds unanticipated increases in utility costs at the seat of government$0$225,000
5121sRestore Funding for Reading Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired$0$7,500
5122sVirginia Water Project$0$1,000,000
5123sCrime Commission - Replace Federal Grant$0$22,193
5124sGRTC Allocations$0$0
5125sMaersk Property$0$0
5126sBreaks Interstate Park$0$50,000
5127sVMRC Encroachment Royalties$0$0
5129sCommission on Unemployment Compensation$0$7,500
Hide details for Central Capital OutlayCentral Capital Outlay
C-152.11sLU-Fitness Center$0$7,500,000
C-152.12sUVA- Medical Research Building (MR-6)$0$31,800,000
C-152.13sUVA-Rouss Hall Operations and Maintenance$0$0
C-152.14sUVa - Cocke Hall Renovation$0$1,000,000
C-152.15sNSU-Public-Private Partnerships$0$0
C-152.16sNSU-Renovate norfolk Community Hospital$0$0
C-152.17sJarratt Egg Building$0$0
C-152.18sCWM-Ash Lawn Performance Facility$0$3,500,000
Hide details for Department Of Conservation And RecreationDepartment Of Conservation And Recreation
3801sChesapeake Bay Restoration Fund$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Social ServicesDepartment Of Social Services
3581sFunding for Local Fraud Prevention Activities$0$1,340,000
Hide details for Department Of State PoliceDepartment Of State Police
4571sSTARS Language$0$0
Hide details for Division Of Debt CollectionDivision Of Debt Collection
531sDebt Collection Language$0$0
Hide details for RevenuesRevenues
01gLottery Proceeds Fund estimate$0$0
02gRevised Transfers estimate$0$0
Hide details for Secretary Of Public SafetySecretary Of Public Safety
4011gTransfer of DMV property to ABC$0$0
Hide details for Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVirginia Commonwealth University
2271sVCU - Family Practice$0$1,700,000
2272sVCU - Family Practice$0$1,700,000
Hide details for Virginia Economic Development PartnershipVirginia Economic Development Partnership
1291sBRAC Grant$0$250,000
Hide details for (Part 3: Miscellaneous & Part 4: General Provisions)(Part 3: Miscellaneous & Part 4: General Provisions)
3-1.011gCorrects lottery revenue estimate
3-1.011sLitter Control Grants