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Budget Amendments
2004 Session

Amendments to House Bill 29
House Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
01gLottery Proceeds Fund estimate$0$0
02gRevised Transfers estimate$0$0
531hEliminate Transfer of Debt Collections Proceeds$0$0
1501hRoanoke Valley Governor's School for Science and Technology Funding$0$13,432
2271hVCU - Fam Pract$0$1,700,000
3551hFunding for Local Fraud Prevention Activities$0$1,340,000
3821hRestore Litter Grants$0$0
386.051hSmith Mountain Lake Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Project$0$36,500
398.051hValue of Dredge Material$0$0
4001hDevelopment Director Salary$0$33,333
4011gTransfer of DMV property to ABC$0$0
4171hLocal Jail/Regional Jail Moratorium$0$0
5121gFunds unanticipated increases in utility costs at the seat of government$0$225,000
5122hRestore Tobacco Settlement Funding$0$15,514,648
5123hEmergency Bridge Repair Funding$0$0
5124hAccess Road Funds for PE Costs$0$0
5125hHRPDC BRAC Funding$0$250,000
5126hReconstruction of Crabhouses on Tangier Island$0$122,400
5127hTangier Island Clean-Up$0$62,500
C-28.301hNSU - Pub Pvt$0$0
C-47.971hUVA - Cocke Hall$0$1,000,000
C-126.101hDOC Jarratt Lease$0$0
C-152.101hUVA - MR6$0$31,800,000
C-152.102hUVA - Rouss$0$0
C-152.103hNSU - Hospital Acq$0$0
C-152.104hLU - Housing$0$0
3-1.011gCorrects lottery revenue estimate
3-1.012hRestore Litter Grants