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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    House Document No. 9

    Document Title
    Revision of Title 41 of the Code of Virginia

    Virginia Code Commission

    Enabling Authority
    Chapter 679 (Regular Session, 1968)

    Executive Summary
    The General Assembly at its Regular Session of 1968 directed the Virginia Code Commission, by Chapter 679 of the Acts of that Session, to revise certain titles of the Code of Virginia, including Title 41 relating to "Land Office".

    Extracts from Chapter 679 follow:

    " 1. The Code of Virginia shall be gradually revised by revising one or more titles at a time. In revising each title, all other sections of the Code relating to the same subject matter shall be revised to the extent necessary. Experts shall be employed by the Virginia Code Commission to assist in the project. The Commission may also accept the services of qualified volunteers who are willing to serve without pay. Tentative drafts of proposed revision should be printed and circulated among interested persons and their comments solicited.

    " 2. The Commission shall undertake the revision of Titles 27, 33, 34, 35, 36, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 53 of the Code of Virginia and submit to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before October one, nineteen hundred sixty-nine, a report of its recommendations, together with suggestive legislation necessary to carry such recommendations into effect. No substantive change shall be incorporated in such revisions, however, the Commission may suggest substantive change in each title being revised and submit separately legislation purposed to carry out each such recommendation."

    Hugh Reid Thompson, Jr., Esquire, of the Richmond City Bar was retained as the Commission's general counsel for these undertakings.

    The Virginia Code Commission examined the provisions of this Title in detail and consulted officials of the State agencies interested in and affected by this Title. The Commission met with Counsel on several occasions, and discussed in detail changes recommended by members of the Commission, by Counsel and by such officials.

    As a result of its efforts, the Commission has caused counsel to prepare a draft of revision of Title 41 in the usual form, i.e., a bill suitable for introduction at the 1970 Session of the General Assembly of Virginia, together with a Table of Comparable Section. Source references and appropriate notes follow each section of the text.

    The draft purports to reflect the Commission's careful consideration of all recommendations and suggestions either brought to its attention or resulting from its own observations, inquiries and deliberations.