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    Report Document No. 26
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    Document Title
    Annual Report on the Condition of the Transportation Infrastructure and Initiatives to Improve Operations

    Department of Transportation

    Enabling Authority
    Appropriation Act - Item 444 B. (Regular Session, 2007)

    Executive Summary
    Items 444.B.1-4 of the 2007 Appropriation Act require the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to submit to the Governor, General Assembly, and Commonwealth Transportation Board a report on the condition of existing transportation infrastructure and proposed measures to improve the operations of the transportation system and services areas listed in paragraph A, by November 30th each year (see Appendix A for full text of the legislation). Chapters 335 and 355 of the 2007 Acts of Assembly and Chapter 7 from the 2006 Special Session Acts of Assembly require the same or very similar information as requested in the Appropriation Act as summarized below:

    • Item 444.B – B1 - Condition of the Existing Infrastructure.

    Requests VDOT to report on the condition of existing infrastructure and proposed measures to improve the operations of the transportation system and the interstate, primary and secondary maintenance service areas. This information was previously submitted on September 15th to meet the requirements of Chapters 335 and 355 of the 2007 Acts of Assembly. This legislation requires VDOT to submit to the Governor, JLARC and CTB by September 15th of each odd numbered year, a report on the condition of and needs to maintain and operate the existing infrastructure in the Commonwealth based on an asset management methodology.

    • Item 444.B2 - Assessment of Outsourcing, Privatizing, and Downsizing.

    Requires VDOT to report on all actions, accomplishments, achievements, and initiatives of VDOT in the preceding fiscal year that involved outsourcing, privatization, and downsizing, as required pursuant to Chapter 420, 2006 Acts of Assembly. This information will be submitted in a separate report to meet the requirements of Chapter 7 of the 2006 Special Session I. The report will also address the information requested from Chapter 420 of the 2006 Acts of Assembly.

    • Item 444B.3 – Major Bridge and Replacement Projects.

    Requires VDOT to provide an enumeration of the status of major bridge maintenance and replacement projects and the availability of federal highway bridge rehabilitation and replacement apportionments.

    • Item 444.B-4 – Rail Crossings.

    Requires VDOT in conjunction with the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), to report on the number of rail crossings in the metropolitan areas of Hampton Roads, Richmond and Northern Virginia. The report shall take into consideration the impediments to safety, mobility and economic development caused by the rail crossings as measured by the number of trains and frequency of train traffic; the vehicular traffic volumes at the crossings; and the lack of nearby rail and road alternatives. The report shall include an estimate of the costs to remove, relocate or remediate those rail crossings that have the greatest impacts on communities, including environmental.