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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    Senate Document No. 23

    Document Title
    Follow-up Review of the Virginia Department of Transportation

    Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

    Enabling Authority
    SJR 7 (Special Session I, 1986)

    Executive Summary
    Senate Joint Resolution 7 of the 1986 Special Session (Appendix A) directed the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to report to the General Assembly a plan for increasing the efficiency of VDOT's administration and maintenance programs. Specifically, VDOT was mandated to reduce expenditures by at least five percent. This reduction was intended to make more funding available for highway construction projects. VDOT was also directed to undertake several studies to accelerate the highway construction process.

    In response to SJR 7, the department submitted to the 1987 General Assembly a plan for improving efficiency in administrative and maintenance programs. The plan contains 123 recommendations, 77 of which the department reports it has implemented (Appendix B).

    Also in SJR 1, the General Assembly directed the JLARC staff to review recommendations regarding the department made by JLARC to the 1982 General Assembly session. This review was to assess how the recommendations have been implemented by VDOT.

    JLARC staff reviewed all 58 recommendations made in JLARC's report entitled Organization and Administration of the Department of Highways and Transportation (November 1981). With regard to the five percent reduction in expenditures, JLARC staff reviewed more extensively the recommendations for which cost savings were expected.

    VDOT reports that the vast majority of recommendations have been implemented, or will be implemented fully in the near future. Many of the recommendations, however, will understandably not be completed for several years. Three areas were selected to illustrate this point:

    • pavement management,
    • bridge replacement and maintenance, and
    • the location and organization of area headquarters.