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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    Senate Document No. 23

    Document Title
    Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission

    Virginia Coal and Energy Commission

    Enabling Authority
    SJR 15 (Regular Session, 1986)

    Executive Summary
    The Virginia Coal and Energy Commission was established as a permanent agency of the Commonwealth in 1979. Since that time, it has sought in a number of ways to carry out its charge to "study all aspects of coal as an energy resource and...to stimulate, encourage, promote, and assist in the development of renewable energy resources..." ( 9-145.1 of the Code of Virginia). This document is submitted as the Commission's report on its 1986 activities.

    The Commission met twice during the year. It received testimony regarding the following issues: Virginia gasohol program, the use of coal in state facilities, the status of the coal industry in Virginia, coal transportation concerns, and the economic problems associated with coal industry unemployment in Southwest Virginia. The Commission was especially privileged to have a special address presented by Governor Gerald L. Baliles at the October 9, 1986, meeting of the full Commission in Richlands, Virginia.

    This report also discusses the deliberations of the Commission's subcommittees.