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    Annual report on the use of Commercial Airport Fund revenues allocated the previous fiscal year, including: (i) the use of entitlement funds allocated by each air carrier airport, including the amount of funds that are unobligated; (ii) the award and use of discretionary funds allocated for air carrier and reliever airports by every such airport; and (iii) the award and use of discretionary funds allocated for general aviation airports by every such airport. The report shall also include the status of ongoing projects funded in whole or in part by the Commonwealth Airport Fund pursuant to subdivision A. 3. of 58.1-638, Code of Virginia. The first report, due November 1, 2017, shall also include the results of an audit of the use of all funds allocated pursuant to 58.1-638 A. 3., Code of Virginia over the past three years to ensure that all funds have been used in accordance with the policies of the Virginia Aviation Board and the restrictions contained in paragraph G. of Item 438 of the 2017 Appropriation Act. [Includes reporting requirements for Item 438.F.1. of the 2017 Appropriation Act.]

    Virginia Aviation Board

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    5.1-2.2:3 (A.)

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