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  • Special final report on the funding, resources, and statutory changes required to implement a system of family courts. [Interim Report -- HD38, 2004]
    Judicial Council of Virginia - 12/31/2005
  • Special executive summary of the findings and recommendations on the operations of circuit court clerks' offices. [Continuation of SJR 336 (2005).]
    Division of Legislative Services, Joint Subcommittee - 01/15/2009
  • Annual report of the total of fines, costs, forfeitures and penalties assessed, collected, and unpaid and those which remain unsatisfied or do not meet the conditions of ยง 19.2-354 by each circuit and district court. The report shall include the procedures established by the Department of Taxation and the State Compensation Board pursuant to this section and a plan for increasing the collection of unpaid fines, costs, forfeitures and penalties. [The reporting requirement for Item 70.F. of the 2014 Appropriation Act is included in this report.]
    Compensation Board - 12/01/2014
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