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    Document Summary
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    Report Document No. 369
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    Document Title
    2015 Commonwealth Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (C-THIRA)

    Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security

    Enabling Authority
    2.2-222.1 (D.)

    Executive Summary
    The threats and hazards to the Commonwealth identified in this report functionally parallel the federally-mandated Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA). These include: hurricanes, earthquakes, winter storms, wildfires, avian influenza outbreaks, pandemic flu epidemics, coronal mass ejections, dam failures, radiological events, vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, improvised nuclear devices, coordinated small groups assaults, and cyber attacks.

    Virginia’s core capabilities targets are outlined for each core capability, consistent with the federal National Preparedness Goal. Core capability targets provide guidance on the specific types and levels of capability that the Commonwealth is expected to develop and sustain. Self-reporting, training, current mitigation activities, local C-THIRA submissions, and other direct inputs were used to identify localities’ resource strengths and weaknesses. Localities reported slight improvements from last year for the majority of core capabilities.