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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    House Document No. 5

    Document Title
    Administrative Agencies: Their Creation, Jurisdiction and Powers

    Virginia Advisory Legislative Council

    Enabling Authority
    HJR 31 (Regular Session, 1942)

    Executive Summary
    The General Assembly during the regular session of 1942 adopted the following joint resolution (Acts 1942, page 995) :


    "Directing the Virginia Advisory Legislative Council to make a study of the laws which create and define the jurisdiction and powers of administrative agencies.

    "Resolved by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the Virginia Advisory Legislative Council be, and it is hereby, directed to make a thorough study of the laws of Virginia which create and define the jurisdiction and powers of administrative agencies, commissions, boards or officials, by whatever name known. The Council shall study the decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia which relate to controversies involving such administrative agencies, and consider the matter of whether the present laws adequately protect the fundamental rights and privileges of the public who are subject to the jurisdiction of such administrative agencies.

    "To the end that a full and comprehensive study may be made, the Council may request information, suggestions, and cooperation from any agency of the State government, and any person, as it may deem desirable.

    "The Council shall make a report of its findings and recommendations upon this subject, and upon any other related subject or question upon which it deems it proper to report, to the Governor and to the General Assembly at least sixty days before the convening of the next regular session of the General Assembly."

    This subject was assigned by the Council to Delegate John B. Spiers, member of the Council, as Chairman of the committee to be appointed by the Council to make the preliminary study. The following were nominated by him and approved by the Council to serve on this committee: Leon M. Bazile, Judge, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, Elmont; M. Ray Doubles, Dean, T. C. Williams Law School, University of Richmond, Richmond and John N. Sebrell, member, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Richmond.